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Vehicles Mods for Minecraft

About Vehicles Mods for Minecraft
Vehicle mods for Minecraft - this application installs mods and add-ons that add a lot of new vehicles to the game, such as cars, boats, planes, buses, motorcycles, helicopters and much more ! Our Minecraft mods are constantly updated, so we advise you to wait for new updates.

You have no idea how far you can travel between biomes with vehicle mods. In your backyard you can build an airstrip for your survival mode map or even create your own huge airfield with all sorts of flying equipment including airplanes and helicopters. Using certain crafting recipes, you can create your own carrier. Updated animation has also been added, for example planes in which the landing gear will animate when it opens or closes. The management is very simple, if you want to take off, look up, if you want to go down, look down. Your maps in Survival mode will have an updated look and become more original.

More than 1000 different vehicles and models for your game.
Easy and automatic configuration.
The ability to install various mods on cars such as supercars, including Lamborghini, McLaren, Mustang and others.
No third-party app required.
Beautiful design and user-friendly interface.
Screenshots and description of the contents of each transport mod.
Commercial and private planes, helicopters and tanks are included.
All mods are tested by our team.
Complete installation guide.
You can drive any vehicle, whether it is a school bus, boat, motorbike, tractor, boat or any other means of transport.
Share your favorite addons with your friends.

Vehicles Mods for Minecraft DISCLAIMER: This is an unofficial application for Minecraft. This app is in no way affiliated with Mojang AB. The Minecraft name, the Minecraft trademark and the Minecraft Assets are the property of Mojang AB or their respected owner. All rights reserved. According to Mojang Studios Account
Recent Updates - Version 2.0
  • Over 10000+ vehicles and mods for your game
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