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Learn Chinese Fast: Mandarin

About Learn Chinese Fast: Mandarin
So, you want to learn Chinese but don't have much time to spare? You need MosaLingua! Our innovative and efficient app has helped over than 10 million people all over the world learn languages in just 10 minutes a day - and get great results!

MosaLingua is highly recommended by the media and numerous language blogs:

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Try our smartphone app for free and see for yourself how well it works!

It's a powerful and effective tool, ideal for people who want to start speaking Mandarin Chinese quickly but don't want to take traditional, boring language classes.

It's useful for nearly any situation: our method can help you before and during travel, in the workplace, and in everyday life with our Chinese lessons that suit your unique needs.


1) Useful, practical content
Don't waste your time learning concepts and vocabulary words that you'll never need. Instead, learn the 20% of the Chinese language that you'll actually use 80% of the time.

2) An innovative method based on scientific research
Our international team of expert polyglots trust this modern and proven learning method and its memorization techniques (SRS, active recall, metacognition, etc.).

3) Coaching throughout the learning process
For the best chance of success, practice with optimally spaced review sessions to consolidate what you learn, pick up bits of grammar and culture with our mini Mandarin Chinese lessons, and benefit from our expert learning tips and tricks.

4) Language practice you'll actually enjoy
Achieve great results in Chinese and have fun doing so. Seeing progress will boost your MOTIVATION, which is key to any learning plan.

To start learning Chinese today, download MosaLingua now - you won't regret it!
Recent Updates - Version 11.8
  • Here’s what we’ve been working on:
    We also fixed some issues with the dialogues
    Bug fixes and improvements
    fix policy issues
    If you like this app, please consider rating it. If you have suggestions or need to notify us about bugs you find, email us at Thanks, and happy learning!
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