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Grade 6 Math Trivia

About Grade 6 Math Trivia
Consolidate your kids skills with our Grade 6 Math trivia by repeatedly taking this Math Trivia challenge. The following subjects were included and are based on the American Common Core Curriculum Grade 6 Math : Equality, Fractions, Estimated Products, Integers,Rates , Proportions, Ratios, Percentage, Equations, Graphs, Unit Conversions, Volume, Data and Graphs.

This game is a direct question and answer trivia game.

MultiverseGames Inc has other apps that combines fun and knowledge into one application. We include Knowledge Modules in our Arcade apps. We call it Tricade. In our games, once your character dies, a Knowledge based question will pop up. The progress of the game will be decided by your feedback. Needless to say that if your answer is right, you will move on in the game; however, if your answer is wrong, you will have to restart from the beginning.
Recent Updates - Version 1.2
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