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Millionaire - Quiz & Trivia

About Millionaire - Quiz & Trivia
Millionaire - Quiz & Trivia is a fun and entertaining game where you can test your IQ, memory, and general knowledge, show off your intelligence, education, and prove that you are clever!
It begins with easy questions and gets harder as you level up.
Play Millionaire - Quiz & Trivia game and answer challenging questions from all categories of interest. Train your memory, logic, and educate yourself, if you are one who wants to be a millionaire club’s member. Challenge your friends and family in this trivia game! It is also for these players who wants to be rich, because you can win a virtual million.

Do you know where Mount Olympus is located? Or which birds can fly backwards? In this trivia game, you will find answers for many interesting, curious and rare questions.
You can also relax and forget about your daily worries by playing this stress-relieving and relaxing free quiz game.

Millionaire - Quiz & Trivia game is also good for children, the first levels are easy and even kids can figure out the correct answers from multiple choices. It’s especially fun to play with the whole family. Learn general knowledge, about art, sports, science & more!
You will find yourself in the spotlight, feel like a player on the famous game for those who wish to be a millionaire. Also, it can be played offline and is a completely free game.

• More than 10,000 questions and answers from many areas, categories and difficulty levels that are updated weekly.
• Enjoyable learning experience even if you don’t know all the answers. Training of concentration, memory and attention skills.
• Play with your friends, family, kids or just with strangers online in the “Duel” mode.
• Complete daily trivia challenges - only the smartest can do it.
• Standard four lifelines: public help, hide two wrong answers, celebrity advice, and question replacement.
• Try to take first place in the global leaderboards among the smartest players.
• Lots of engaging achievements and badges await the most persistent intellectual players.

This version of the fun trivia and quiz game has many advantages: a convenient and beautiful interface, thousands of newest, exciting questions, excellent animation, and sound effects will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of aspiration for the coveted title millionaire. And this makes it one of the best free quiz games.

This game starts with easy questions and with each new level you move on to more difficult ones. The more erudite you are and answer correctly, the more in-game money you get. Only 15 levels, the last prize is a million!
The last rounds can be very tricky, finding the right answer is difficult, and in order to win, you need to really turn on your intellect and be lucky.
Only those gifted who wants to be a millionaire for real will win. Become a trivia star!

Important: We don't offer real cash prizes, virtual millions can not be exchanged for money.
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Recent Updates - Version 1.6.5
  • 🥳 Hey there, we have an update:
    - new questions
    - bug fixes
    - improvements
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