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About Repulze
Get ready for a futuristic adrenaline rush!

This action racer puts you in the seat of experimental Repulze hovercraft working as a test pilot for the Man. Well, the Synthetic Man is more accurate. The Synthetics run the corporations. The corporations run the world. You are way down the food chain getting pushed around to complete their “scientific” challenges. But you’ll show ‘em…

•Super-fluid racing action with stunning graphics.
•Quick-to-learn touch and tilt controls but challenging to master.
•7 hypersonic Repulze hovercraft.
•24 gravity defying tracks with lots of different challenges.
•Three game phases with varied play:
•Energy Gates, Magnets, Shortcuts, Ghosts, A.I. Opponents, Weapons and Combat.
•Online Leaderboards using Fuse Connect.
•Support for NVIDIA SHIELD and other devices with full HID game controllers.
•Xperia PLAY Optimized
•Features optional IAPs for players who want to unlock things faster.
•Languages: English, Deutsch, Français, Español, Italiano, 简体字, 日本語, 한국어, русский язык

Repulze is now MOGA Enhanced! Available at major retailers, carrier stores and online at
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.1.7
  • 1.1.7 (8 Februari 2018):
    * More device support (dpi restrictions removed).

    IMPORTANT: Please note that this game requires a screen resolution of at least 800x480 to display GUI elements correctly. It may be playable at lower resolutions but it is not officially supported.

    1.1.6 (29 July 2015)
    * Fixed graphics corruption which happened on certain devices.
    * Fixed issue with the russian translation.

    1.1.5 (15 January 2015)
    * Adjustments related to Android-TV
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2. Download Repulze APK
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