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Kanji Memory

About Kanji Memory
Learn Japanese Kanji the playful way

Memory (or Concentration) is a card game in which the goal is to uncover matching card pairs. At the beginning all cards are laid face down. Each player can flip two cards face up by touching them. If the two cards match, the player continues and flips two other cards. Otherwise it is the turn of the second player to uncover two cards. The player who uncovered the most matching pairs of cards wins the game.

Kanji memory is a variation in which two cards match when the Kanji and the picture match. For example, the picture of fire matches the Kanji 火 (hi). By playing Kanji memory you can improve your memory, learn Japanese Kanji and have fun at the same time.

- Japanese pronunciation
- different levels of difficulty
- variable numbers of cards
- shows Kana and Romanji
- computer player or human opponent
Recent Updates - Version 1.15
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