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RedX Roof - Rafters, Trusses

About RedX Roof - Rafters, Trusses
RedX Roof App has a Free Rafter Calculator, Free Construction Calculator, Gambrel Roof Truss, Bay Roof, Truss Hip Rafters, Hip Rafters, Valley Builder, Truss Builder, Plywood Angles, Turret Roof & Dormer Builder. You will save countless hours of work the first time you use it.
This app was designed to be Fast and Easy to get measurements on the job.

Common Rafter Builder

Using Common Rafter Builder is quick and easy, just enter the
- Roof pitch or rise
- Run length
- Overhang length
Then the app will automatically generate a to scale view of what the Rafter will look like, along with all of the measurements.

Measurements that the app generates.
- Total rafter length
- Rise from top of wall
- Rise from top of Facia
- Rafter tail length
- Birds-mouth measurements

You can control how high or how low you want your facia to be in comparison to the top of your wall and you can also edit the rafter depth.


Quick and Easy
Simply enter the Roof Pitch and the Run (bottom length of the common rafter), and the app will generate an image of what the Hip Rafter will look like, all of the measurements.

Measurements that the app generates.
- Hip rafter length
- Hip backing angles
- Every jack rafter length
- Jack rafter bevel angles
- All other angles
Along with every detail for every rafter, like birds mouth depth, tail length and others. This also supports different roof pitches.

So you save time and pre-cut every piece for your corner hip rafters.


Plywood Angles is super simple to use. You just enter your first roof pitch (example 6/12) and then your other roof pitch.

The app will then generate a to scale image of the piece of plywood with the correct angle, along with the top, bottom and side measurements.

Save Time
No more taking out your measuring tape, snapping lines ext... you just saved several minutes of work and most importantly your plywood angle will be Perfect.

Edit Measurements
You can also edit any of the plywood measurements, for example if you edit the bottom measurement, the app will update all other measurements instantly.

This is one of our most powerful features and the one we use the most.
How it works
- Enter first and second roof pitch
- Rafter spacing (example 16" centre)
- First truss height (detailed explanations inside the app).

With these 4 values entered the app will generate.
1- A 2d example, to scale of what the Valley will look like.
2- Gets the ridge length with the exact angles.
3- Gets the sleeper board length (colour red) with both angles.
4- Gives you a list of every single rafter lengths (colour blue) with both angles and bevels.
5- Gets the saw bevel angles if you want to bevel your sleeper.

Just like that you have every single measurement in seconds, with the exact angles. Every piece you need to build your valley.

Save Time
This way, if you wanted you could pre-cut all of your pieces.

Easy to use
Simply enter the total length of the truss, roof pitch, stud spacing.
The app will then generate a to scale view of the truss with all of the measurements.

Other features
- Turret Roof Builder
- Dormer Builder

We are always adding new features every couple of weeks, view our new features inside the app.
Terms Of Use
Recent Updates - Version 5.2.2
  • We are continuously updating the app and adding new features.
    This update has some minor fixes
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