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Note Manager: Notepad app with

About Note Manager: Notepad app with
Note Manager is a small size offline notepad with folders to write down all your notes and tasks with reminders. Add checklists, To-Do lists and shopping lists, and include images to make everything easier
• write down unlimited notes and lists of any length, and include multiple photos
• create sticky notes with notifications
• pin your To-Do lists in the status bar until you have finished them
• receive notifications of your reminders, even repeated periodically
• calendar of upcoming reminders so you don't miss any deadlines
• set different priorities for your notes
• pinboard widget for high priority tasks
• private mode to protect your folders and notes with a password
• write text in bold and italic, even in your lists
• classify your notes and lists in folders with colors
• filter your notes by category, tags and media type
• sort your notes by priority, category, date and time, alphabetically or by reminder date
• share your notes as text with attached files
• archive the notes that you are not using, but that you don't want to delete
• rearrange and clear all the items in your checklists to reuse the list
• many customization options in the Settings (grid layout, note navigation, word count, colored notes)
• night mode (dark theme)

Note Manager doesn't have ads and it doesn't share your personal data. It contains optional one-time premium features to support the app development, that also let you:
• include in your notes videos, online photos and gifs, as well as audio (voice recordings) and file attachments
• add photos above, below, and between your texts and lists
• group your photos in several mosaic layout combinations
• save and share your notes as images
• customize the font, size and color of the texts in your notes
• search and highlight text in your notes and lists
• customize your folders with photos, initials and emoji
• unlimited subfolders
• online backup to transfer your notes to another phone
• customize how the app looks with 12 color themes

If at any point you find an error, something that doesn't work, that you think is missing or that you don't like, please use the Contact & Feedback section inside the app to let me know, and I will fix it!

Thank you for using my app!

Permissions: Note Manager needs Storage permissions to link images from your phone, and Internet permissions to link online images and do the online backup.

• Note Manager doesn't keep copies of your photos, it only links to the photos on your phone. If you move or delete the photos from your device, the link stops working and the photo stops showing on the app. There is an option to link photos from the cloud. That way, you don't have to keep them on your device
• Note Manager is an offline app. If you install it in multiple devices, your notes don't sync automatically between them. You can still restore a backup from one device to another (as in changing phones), but this system is not useful for writing notes in multiple devices simultaneously
• Note Manager uses the recommended Android libraries to send your reminder notifications. However, in certain devices, if the app is removed from the phone's memory the reminders may not be sent. This problem is outside of my control, especially with manufacturers that include battery-saving programs
Recent Updates - Version 4.11.2
  • v4.11 • Found a possible solution to some of the new storage restrictions • Search the folder list • New options requested by users
    v4.10 • Enforced new storage restrictions on Android 10 and 11 • New manual backup system
    v4.9 • Print, save and share your notes as a PDF file with A4 page size • App lock
    v4.8 • Customize back button action • Customize action for long-press on main list
    v4.7 • Rearrange tags • Tag suggestions • Select first day of the week in the calendar
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How To Download & Play:
1. Download & Install AppKiwi
2. Download Note Manager: Notepad app with APK
3. Launch from APK Library