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Stormshot: Isle of Adventure

About Stormshot: Isle of Adventure
Rise to the calling of lost treasures!
Beneath your feet lies the lost Treasure Island filled with danger and mysteries. To survive this unforgiving world, you must wield your greatest weapons: your unmatched wit, flawless aiming and absolute focus to fend off whatever evil may come!

Game Features
◆ Never the same levels
300 challenging levels await you, use your wisdom and find the fastest way to solve every puzzle. Here’s some free advice: being a top challenger requires more than making the right choice, it is being able to plan ahead, capture the right timing and most importantly, precise execution.
◆ Explore the mists and experience various strategic gameplay.
The Treasure Island is covered with mist, use your adventure instinct to find the lost treasures, defeat mysterious ghosts and the terrifying Sea Monster!
◆ Collect treasures to renovate ancient relics and decrypt the mysteries even words can’t describe.
◆ Reinforce your Stronghold and forge a strong alliance with others on the Treasure Isle, they will be your biggest support through the challenges and the best treasure you’ll ever find on this journey!
Recent Updates - Version 1.9.0
  • - Optimized the crafting and upgrading of Gemstones: Now crafting a new Gemstone will consume a Gemstone of the previous Rank, and the new Gem directly gains the old one's level. The total amount of required upgrade materials remains the same as before.
    - Optimized the activation rules of Gemstone Echos: High-level Gemstones will also activate the Echos of low-level Gemstones.
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