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SPRK MUSIC for Artists & Fans

About SPRK MUSIC for Artists & Fans
Discover music and find songs and beats from talented artists with SPRK MUSIC.

“SPRK MUSIC: Empowering deserving musicians with raw talent” - Mirror Review

“Forget social media - SPRK MUSIC will get your band’s career on track” - Android Headlines

SPRK MUSIC is a social video streaming, networking and talent spotting app that allows artists and music fans to connect. Create, collaborate and play music with artists around the world, or listen to SPRK MUSIC’s vast library of trending artists, beats, songs, and more.

SPRK MUSIC is the perfect place to discover online music collaborations with musicians from across the world, both up and coming, and well-established artists. We make it easy to upload and promote your music videos, images and music information to your personalized music profile and artist biography.

Connect and get discovered by fellow artists, fans and industry professionals in a whole new way with our Artist Directory. SPRK MUSIC makes it easier to get exclusive gig opportunities, collaborate with musicians, and increase your chances of getting signed.

Our Artist Directory tool is great for:

• Music fans looking to browse profiles via speciality/genre
• Artists looking to collaborate with other artists
• Music label and industry professionals scouting for talent

Find music and view music videos from right from SPRK MUSIC’s clean app interface. Discover music from trending musicians easily with our intuitive filtering tools that let you filter by region, instrument, genre, and more.

Music fans and industry professionals from around the world use our Artist Directory for music streaming to find songs, beats and artists from a variety of genres like:

• Rock music
• Electronic music
• Hip Hop/ R&B music
• Rap music
• Lofi music
• Acoustic music
• and so much more

With SPRK MUSIC, fans and artists can experience music like never before. Network with other artists and industry professionals, grow a loyal fanbase and discover music creation unlike any other music finder app out there. Download SPRK MUSIC today to get started.

“SPRK MUSIC is one of the best social media apps, but specifically for creators of music” - Mobile AppDaily


Build A Loyal Fanbase
- Music fans use SPRK MUSIC to listen to the artists, genres, and beats they love
- Music artist bios and profiles connect and engage you with your fanbase
- Upload your photos, music videos and content to our Artist Directory
- Message users, leave comments and ratings and follow other artists on the platform
- Fans and artists can discover music from multiple genres from all around the world

Meet & Collaborate with Musicians
- Discover music collaboration opportunities with musicians and artists around the world online
- Play songs, meet and record together to create the ultimate song collaboration
- Both up-and-coming and well-established artists are looking to collaborate with talented musicians
- Stream music from other artists and decide if you want to collaborate all through SPRK MUSIC
- Our app makes it easy to network with multiple artists across multiple genres

Get Discovered & Get Gigs
- SPRK MUSIC connects artists to venue managers, concert promoters, and industry scouts
- With a profile and music library on SPRK, you can get scouted for gigs, events, and concerts
- Artists from around the world are currently being discovered by fans and talent scouts
- With a network of record and music labels using SPRK MUSIC to source new talent, there’s a high probability your work will get discovered, enhancing your chances of getting signed

Download SPRK MUSIC today to get started on your track to discovery.

Any problems or want to give some feedback?

Send us an email at and we will get back to you as quickly as we can! The more you tell us, the better SPRK MUSIC gets!

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Recent Updates - Version 2.1.18
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