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Sprowt: Emotion Meditation

About Sprowt: Emotion Meditation
Sprowt is now live!

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Feel adaptable, peaceful and resilient in daily life. Strengthen self-awareness, self-regulation, and social awareness through emotional intelligence meditation.

Manage emotions and regulate your nervous system with various researched-backed tools and techniques. Each practice includes elements from the following modalities, depending on the topic:

*MINDFULNESS: body scan, visualization, guided imagery, acceptance, non-judgement, non-striving, letting go, present moment awareness

*BREATHWORK: use breathing techniques to calm or active the body, depending on your mood. Soothe the body and mind using the breath.

*SOMATIC INQUIRY & INTEROCEPTION: notice how emotions appear in the body. Improve ability to see nervous system state and physical effects of emotion.

* SOUND, MUSIC & FREQUENCY THERAPY: each piece paired with binaural beats, soothing nature sounds, soundscapes, brown, white or pink notice

*COGNITIVE BEHAVIOURAL THERAPY: reframing limiting beliefs and thought patterns.

*CALMING, REFLECTION & INSIGHT MEDITATION: reflect on personal experiences and subjective perspectives. Expand awareness.

*PHILOSOPHY: practical wisdom from various fields of philosophy, depending on the topic.

*HYPNOTHERAPY / HYPNOSIS: relaxation techniques to facilitate more profound states of consciousness and relaxation.

Discover the importance of emotions by working through them as you're experiencing them. Feel, understand and healthily process. Heal destructive thoughts and harmful habits. Grow through feeling-focused practices designed to help you feel emotionally well and capable of handling life's difficulties.


Better understand thoughts, feelings, and behaviours according to your values to live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

More effectively deal with challenging emotions to be calm, composed and focused on what matters, no matter the situation.

Expand awareness better to understand others' emotions, intentions and behaviours. Develop skills to interact healthily, express yourself and build meaningful connections.

Heighten understanding, communication and empathy with others to reduce conflict and build healthier, more trusting relationships.

*Emotional Intelligence
*Stress relief
+ much more with new content added weekly

- Free access to limited meditations
- Guided meditations for feelings, emotions, moods, states and mindset
- New meditations added weekly
- Improved emotional intelligence, which affects nearly every aspect of life
- Ability to save favourites and share.

$9.99 CAD per month
$79.99 CAD per year

Cancel anytime. Tax additional.

PLEASE EMAIL US if you run into challenges or have feedback at

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Recent Updates - Version 1.3.6
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