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CarDiag : Car Diagnostic OBD2

About CarDiag : Car Diagnostic OBD2
Diagnose your car, find breakdowns and turn off the check engine light !

Cardiag : Your Easy Car Diagnostic OBD2

CarDiag is compatible with all Bluetooth OBD2 devices

Thanks to its connected device and its free and intuitive mobile application, CarDiag allows motorists to diagnose their vehicle easily, independently and at a lower cost (breakdowns, wear of components, battery and pollution).

The "CarDiag" application supports motorists from "A" to "Z" in the diagnostic, maintenance and repair of their vehicle independently and cheaply : since the doubt of a problem, the identification of the fault, a diagnostic in simple and easy-to-understand terms and a pollution score, Do-it-yourself auto repairs, tips to buy parts as well as a cost estimation at the nearest mechanic. It also provide a digital maintenance book.

Features :
- Automatic Diagnostic OBD2: Equipped with an OBD2 bluetooth device (easy to get and available for less than 10$), CarDiag provides a complete list of your car problems in simple and easy-to-understand terms.
- Manual Diagnostic : Cardiag provides assistance for a direct diagnostic by the user (visual defects, noise, smells, etc.)
- Reset the Check Engine Light (MIL) : The check engine light comes on to indicate a malfunction in the engine or the pollution control system. CarDiag allows you to reset this malfunction indicator lamp.
- Maintenance Book : digitalize and store all repairs made by the user or a professional with attached invoices.
- Tutorials for Do-it-yourself Auto Repair, and tips to buy Car Parts
- Car repair cost estimation at the nearest mechanic
- Routine vehicle maintenance : Perform a regular vehicle check-up, pre-vehicle inspection or before buying a car

We have all done the same observation when we take our vehicle to a garage : the mechanic diagnoses possible breakdowns using a dedicated diagnostic tool. This simple diagnostic is billed around 50 dollars, in addition of potential repairs which it is difficult to evaluate the real cost and the necessity. However, sometimes a simple reset of the on-board computer can solve many "electronic problems", a feature available in the "CarDiag" application.

Prerequisites: to use the Cardiag application, you should :
* Have an OBD-II compatible car : OBD-II is compatible with all US vehicle models since 1996, European since 2001 (diesel since 2003), Japanize since 2006.
* Have a bluetooth OBD2 device : easy to get and available on our website/Amazon/Ebay/Aliexpress...

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