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Super Wings - It's Fly Time

About Super Wings - It's Fly Time
Discover more than 40 countries delivering packages and solving missions along with Jett.

Are you ready to discover the world along with Jett and the rest of Super Wings and to deliver 38 packages on time?

It’s fly time!!!
Sky will have to explain well to Jett where the destination country is and its features so that he can deliver 38 packages to children who live in different cities around the world, and he will have to deliver them on time to help the children fulfill their missions.

In this App Super Wings – It’s Fly Time you will learn geography and some details about each destination country, such as curiosities, its flag, its shape and size, or which continent it belongs to, so that you can deliver the packages on time.

Donnie, Astra, Bucky, Crystal, Mira, Dizzy and Paul will go along with Jett to deliver the packages and they will have to help him solve each one of the 38 challenges that they will find in the different countries. Only then will they be able to deliver each child a package and go back to the World Carrier.

Each one of the Super Wings will have to solve different kinds of missions to continue delivering packages. Always on time!


Donnie has a natural gift for construction and now he must face the challenge of completing more than 30 jigsaw puzzles of different shapes and features.

Astra is very competitive and very smart, she always wants to be the best and her abilities and knowledge prove that. This time she will have to compete in five fun strategy games: tic-tac-toe, battleships, connect 4, checkers and the incredible mahjong.

Bucky loves nature and the environment and has a great curiosity to learn new things and solve problems. In this adventure, Bucky will have to use insects to solve math games.

Crystal is an expert in lands with ice and snow, and when there is a blizzard, Jett always asks her for help. She loves going through blizzards and now she’ll have to go through a snowstorm to reach her destination avoiding all the mountains in her way.

Mira has always been amazing in water and she always goes along with Jett in his water missions. Now she can show all her experience and skills helping the ship reach the shore in an incredible game of logic and ability.

Dizzy is the smartest rescue helicopter and she is always ready to help others. This time, Dizzy will have to use her rescue skills to find the exit of more than 20 different mazes.

Paul is a great policeman and he will have to use his observation skills to solve 5 missions where memory and concentration will be essential to achieve the goal.


- Interactive learning and educational game for children from 3 to 7 years old.
- It strengthens learning and development of cognitive functions: perception, memory, observation, space, reasoning, numbers, environment and concentration.
- All activities contain explanations and visual support.
- It encourages learning through a system of rewards and goals.
- It helps autonomous learning.
- App approved and supervised by specialists in pre-school education.
- Available in 7 languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, and Portuguese.

We are a startup which develops apps specialized in educative quality contents for children. We work with the characters of the most popular TV children’s licenses, like Caillou, Hello Kitty, Maya the Bee, Vicky the Viking, Shaun the Sheep, Heidi, Peter Rabbit, kid e Cats, Masha and other characters of Clan TV.


Tap Tap Tales cares about your opinion, so we encourage you to value this app and if you have any comment to make, we'll appreciate that you send it to our e-mail address:

Twitter: @taptaptales
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Recent Updates - Version 3.5
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