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Sandbox - Physics Simulator

About Sandbox - Physics Simulator
Do you curious what happened when lighting hit firework powder?
Would you like to mix gas with gun powder and let them explode?
Would you like to create a sandbox world, plant trees, flowers & watching them growing?

Let download Sandbox game to enjoy a creative & relaxing game!
You have many elements in game, you can mix them together & discover how them react to each other, how they turn to different form!
You can build strong platform, grow your world, put fire, lighting, rain, plants,... on it!

With SandBox you can create & destroy everything, you will find many exciting experiment: boil water, making rain, making fire & explosion,...

List of Materials:
- Basic: air, water, fire, vapor, diamond, wood, ash, brick, acid, sand, ice, snow, soil, metal,
- Plant: grass, flower seed, sprout flower, tree wood, petal, sprout liana, lotus
- Animal: fish, butterfly, ant
- Fire: firework powder, gunpowder, petrol, gas
- Other: candle wick, neon, TNT, Sodium, bomb, meteor, lava, black hole, thunder
and more will be updated soon...
if you have any suggestion, don't hesitate to let us know!

Let download & Relax with Sandbox!
Recent Updates - Version 13.1
  • version 1.2.9:
    - add new game mode: City Destroy

    version 1.2.8:
    - add new game mode: Life Box with many objects simulation real-life
    - fix bug & optimize game
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2. Download Sandbox - Physics Simulator APK
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