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Fuse Cube

About Fuse Cube
Fuse cube is a project created passionately by one man.
Inspired by merge puzzles such as 2048, this game will keep you playing for hours with multiple dimensions of difficulty. Get lost in a simple yet appealing art style while challenging yourself and your friends to become the ultimate Fuse Cube pro.

Simply swipe to rotate the cube and tap a side to shift the blocks in that direction, merging blocks of the same colour and size. While this game seems easy to pick up, it will take hours to master as you uncover new strategies.

Key Features

CLASSIC: The true Fuse Cube experience. This mode is designed to be relaxing yet challenging. There is no time pressure so you can fuse cubes together while tactfully deciding every move.

RUSH: This mode will test your speed and precision, aiming to achieve the highest score possible in 2 or 5 minutes.

SPEED: Not as fast-paced as Rush but will require immense focus to set a record-breaking time. In this game mode, you must try to reach a certain block as fast as you can.

AUTOSAVING: Your progress in Classic and Speed will be recorded after every move so you can always come back and continue from where you left off.

LEADERBOARDS: This game also offers Google Play leaderboards for each game mode so you can compete with your friends, and maybe even the world.
Recent Updates - Version 1
  • - Fixed ads not displaying correctly
    - Disabled shadows as the default setting
    - Fixed Speed high-scores not updating correctly
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