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Uptime: 5-min Books, Courses

About Uptime: 5-min Books, Courses
The world’s best self help, business, personal finance, sex & relationships books, courses, and documentaries - in 5 mins or less.

Big ideas from the world’s greatest minds - packed into our 5 minute Knowledge Hacks.

The New York Times, Tim Ferriss, Dave Grohl, Daniel Kahneman, Mark Manson, Malcolm Gladwell, Stephen Covey, Michelle Obama, Yuval Noah Harari, Udemy, Linkedin Learning, Future Learn, Coursera, Robert Kiyosaki

Cryptocurrency, psychology, philosophy, politics, parenting, business, money, relationships, mental health, wealth, upskilling, leadership, entrepreneurship, science, the mind, technology, the future, lifestyle, investing, arts, marketing, sales, religion, spirituality, culture, society, environment

Social media is specifically designed to be addictive, and it’s hard to find a way to break free. We built Uptime as an alternative to mindless doom-scrolling so you can use your downtime more usefully.

Providing key insights from leading books, courses, and documentaries stemming from the world’s greatest minds, Uptime is a great alternative for those aspiring to collect knowledge, develop new skills, find daily motivation, and support their mental health with self help, so that you can become the best you you can be.

Uptime is built so that you can both enjoy your learning experience and optimise information retention. Our unique learning format combines three modes of learning so that you can consume our Hacks in whatever way suits you best: either through our illustrated story mode, as a standalone text, or listening to audio mode while you’re on the go.


We’ve invested in an expert team to sift through tens of thousands of sources, so that we can bring you only the best and most relevant Knowledge Hacks. Our cherry-picked selection of resources are there specifically because we think they will educate, motivate, and inspire you.


Personalize your learning journey by choosing from over 2,500 Knowledge Hacks, and almost as many topics - from personal growth to productivity, sex to successful entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency to cooking. You name it: we’ve got it.


We haven’t just summarised key ideas from books and courses: we want to help you start using them, so you can change your life for the better. At the end of each insight, we convert the main takeaways into concise, suggested action items so that you can start using these ideas in your everyday life.


We want you to spend your downtime feeling accomplished, and dedicating 5 minutes to study a day can go a long way in building a successful long-term lifestyle. A Hack a day keeps procrastination away. ;)

Stay connected with your friends, family, and co-workers by sharing your favorite insights with them. Learn and grow together - because that’s what education should be all about.

Join our community of thousands of fellow Knowledge-Hackers and start investing in future you.
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Recent Updates - Version 4.17.1
  • Hey Uptimers,

    Have you missed us? We've missed you. Don't worry though, it may only have been a week but as per usual we've done all the bug fixes and stuff. You're welcome.

    Keep smiling,

    Uptime xxx
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