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Vital Monster®: fruits&veggies

About Vital Monster®: fruits&veggies
Create & evolve little monsters from fruits and vegetables, for battling Noxomonsters in this exciting pocket monster quest! If you’re a fan of health and monster hunting or capture games and you want to catch them all, you need to try Vital Monster. There are a lot of cute mythical creatures to collect. You also need to get fruit and vegetables that will nourish you, such as tomatoes, blueberries, peas (or edamame). Explore the forest and enjoy this addicting monster quest today for FREE!

🍎 Storyline: You’re visiting your granny when you encounter a little monster in the form of a pot. The pot tells you a story about the mythical creatures from outer space. They are adorable monsters that are beneficial for your health, and they will help you defeat the Noxomonters that can harm your health. To create & evolve monsters on the reactors, you need to gather as many meteorite fragments as possible. Level up your fruits and vegetable squad by engaging them in monster fight against Noxomonsters. Although cute, your mythical creatures companions are not invincible, and you need to catch as many edamame as you can. These edamames restores your pet’s health.

🍇 Monster fight mechanic: Our game is unique compared to other creature capture games. You don’t fight to catch your companions, but you fight their enemies, the Noxomonster. Tap on the crystals to reveal the item then tap to collect fruit and vegetables to attack, defend, restore energy, and activate special powers. The pot monster will teach you how to do it in the game, so don’t worry! Just install and try it out for yourself. If your health reaches zero before you defeat the Noxomonster, you will die and lose the fight. That’s why you need to act and tap the right item as quickly as possible.


🍋 Offline game with pvp arena, to fight against your friends
🍋 Cute, colorful characters, lots of fruits & vegetables, and lovable heroes.
🍋 Classic style, RPG graphic that we all know and love.
🍋 Simple, responsive game control that is easy to understand and play.
🍋 Win the monster fight to get meteorite fragments.
🍋 Interesting storyline that will keep you engaged in the game.
🍋 Collect healthy fruit & vegetables by tapping them.
🍋 Create & evolve monsters squads through the reactors.
🍋 Explore the forest for Noxomonster hunt & catch them all!
🍋 Continue your Noxomonster hunt & complete quests for rewards.
🍋 Unlock Achievements when you reach milestones.

Why Vital Monster Squad game? Unlike other capture games where you only need to battle and capture them all, Vital Monster teaches you about nutrition and health awareness. You level up your mythical creatures not by merging, but by battling & win fights. You also need to know which food is healthy and beneficial for your pet’s health such as edamame. Humans and pets are not invincible and we all need healthy food to thrive & level up!
🍍Over 300 Monsters made of fruits and vegetables - 4 Evolutions!

⚡Fastest and HARDEST battle mode ever!!! Try it only if you have good reflexes!

💥Offline PvP fights against friends!

So, are you ready to eat healthy fruit and vegetables with your little monsters? Download Vital Monsters and play now!


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Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.08
  • - Korean, French, and Hungarian translations
    - daily rewards
    - new attack type
    - performance improvements
    - visual improvements
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