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Learn French Vocabulary VocApp

About Learn French Vocabulary VocApp
What is the easiest way to learn French Vocabulary? 🇫🇷 The most efficient learning method is with vocab flashcards! VocApp French is also flashcard maker app! Cards help you quickly build up your vocabulary (verbs, phrases, collocations) and French skills (speaking, reading, writing). It has been proved that flash cards by far outperform traditional French learning courses, that are often boring and tiring, and do not bring the results you were hoping for.

Flashcards are constantly rising in popularity, due to the fact that they combine entertainment with learning. If you aim to know and speak French fluently, for studies, work or in order to impress native speakers with your knowledge during the next trip to France - this French learning app is perfect for you!

VocApp is on of the flashcards language learning apps. VocApp was created to make learning languages easy and fun. We are sure it will help you achieve all of your French language goals and ambitions. The product was made for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are a beginner or a master in French, you will find our app useful.

Why are our flashcards special? The secret is in the combination of more elements that help you learn: the image, the French pronunciation, examples of sentences, definitions and hints, that explain the meaning of a word and show how can you use it in day-to-day life. Also, we have created a Repetition System that reminds you the needed words at the right time, so you will not feel the need of dictionaries and subtitles anymore!

You are looking for best french learning apps? VocApp French is the best choice! Our courses are created by professionals in linguistics, so you can trust the material that is included in them. Besides, hundreds of users, most of whom are native French speakers, create daily lots of lessons to help others in learning French. You can find something to learn on any topic you are interested in, whether it's the basics of the language or hard financial terms.

Our flashcards will help you prepare for well-known proficiency tests such as TCF, DILF, DELF and others. These courses have been created especially for developing your French vocabulary in order to prove your good level of knowledge. Fortunately, French grammar is quite simple. Knowing the basics is sufficient enough and it is not worth spending more time learning it, as all of it will come naturally.

You can use our application as an English-French translator. Just type the word in English or French and we will do the rest. The translation, along with an image and sentence will be generated by the system. Apart from the translation, you will be able to add this (with pronunciation and exemplar usage) to your own flashcards.

In this way, you cannot only check meanings of words but also learn and memorize them forever. Our methods will remarkably expand your French vocabulary and in the future you will no longer need to bother about unknown words.

Motivation and discipline are the key to learning any language successfully and we are here to help you stay on track. For example, you can set the widget for learn French after unlocking your mobile screen.

Our methods actually lead to positive results, that is why we are leaps ahead of our competitors. Words are not only familiar, but they stay locked in your memory and are at your disposal to wield and create sentences in fluent French.

Our vocabulary building application is an easy-to-use product - you can try all of our courses and create your own flashcards, that can be downloaded in MP3 format to listen to them on the go! Everything you need for learning is in our language learning app. Download VocApp and enjoy your studying!

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