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Car / Bike GPS Dashboard

About Car / Bike GPS Dashboard
Velocity GPS Dashboard for Android and Wear OS is a highly customisable GPS dashboard for all types of road vehicle. You can record your routes, mileage, and performance, save journeys securely in the cloud, and share your data with others in a variety of formats.


GPS journey recorder lets you keep track of travel time, mileage, routes and performance.
Optimised for high accuracy and designed to record journeys for any length of time.
Journey history viewer with odometer and detailed statistics on your recorded journeys.
Road-vehicle specific layout designed for both your car dashboard and bike handlebars.
Mobile and wearable apps compatible with Android for Wear OS.
Secure cloud storage keeps your data backed up and synchronised between multiple devices.
Adaptable speedometer gauge displays up to 1200 units.
Five speed units for easy conversion between imperial and metric units: MPH, KM/H, KNOTS, M/S and FT/S.
Customisable layout shows journey, GPS or performance stats.
Overspeed warnings for raising your awareness of speed..
Maintain speed assistance designed to help cyclists maintain a consistent speed.
Average speed monitor for peace of mind while traveling in average speed check zones in the UK.
Hybrid and satellite maps powered by Google Maps.
Compass-driven map controls to explore your surroundings from a new perspective.
GPS signal strength indicator with accuracy and satellite count.
Fault tolerance seamlessly resumes your journey in case of an error.
Weather warnings to alert you of conditions that may affect your GPS accuracy.
Walk detection automatically stops recording when you walk away from your car or bike.
Portrait and landscape layouts optimised to make the best use of your screen.
Export GPX files for viewing journeys in any app compatible with the GPX format.
Export JSON files for viewing raw recorded data.
Import/export backup files in the compressed .rams3backup file format.
Location sharing in decimal degrees, Degree-Minute-Second (DMS) notation, and what3words address.
Flexible subscriptions and day passes to unlock unlimited use. No third-party advertisements are shown in the app.

Part of the RAMS (Road Air Marine Speedometer) series by Watch & Navy.

System requirements
Android 8.0 (Oreo) and up.
Recommended minimum display size 1080 x 1920 @ 420dpi

Usage Precaution
Using an RAMS GPS dashboard will consume your battery power very quickly. Please ensure that your device is plugged in before prolonged use.

High battery usage
Velocity GPS Dashboard is designed to provide better awareness of speed and mileage for road users. Whether you are driving or cycling, remember to follow the highway code and adjust your speedometer preferences before setting off.

For use as a journey recorder or cycling computer. Supports Android 7.0+ and GPS enabled Wear OS smartwatches.

Designed and engineered by Watch & Navy Ltd in London, GB.
Recent Updates - Version VARY
  • Version 3.7 gives you more precise speed readings, adds new settings for fine-tuning GPS performance, and brings the apps up to speed with the latest standards of Android 13.

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