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Batallium (Space Battle Strate

About Batallium (Space Battle Strate
Let’s have a fascinating space travel with Batallium, space strategy and fly simulator game for Android!

If you are adventurous, it’s so tempting to explore unknown planets and stars! Hundreds of state-of-the-art spaceships have set course for distant planets, and the Space Academy struggles to train enough skilled astronauts for the missions. Brave space explorers will see enigmatic worlds and encounter warlike robots from the planet Torrana, which orbits a star of the Hunting Dogs constellation. And you’ll have to use your military skills when necessary! Being a Space Academy graduate, you must safely deliver colonists to new planets. Take care!

You’ll be piloting a lightweight, highly mobile, Aurora-class spaceship, equipped with maximum defense and packed with ammunition. When you gather enough Experience Points and Creds, you can buy something more solid. You’ll be getting 300 Creds for each planet you capture and 200 Creds for each Torranian spaceship you destroy in battle. Keep a sharp eye on deep space, as sometimes you can find Fuel Pellets for your hyper booster, Titanium for repairing your spaceship’s hull, and the extremely precious mineral Astranium, for which you can get 500 Creds. If your spaceship is damaged in a battle, the repairs will cost you a big deal. Hyper booster fuel is expensive too, so try and use it frugally.

Please feel free to report any issues, and we will fix them as soon as possible!
Recent Updates - Version 0.2.0
  • Bugfixes, performance improvements, new space ship models
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