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Mathpid: math learning

About Mathpid: math learning
“Build confidence in math with powerful AI technology”
Mathpid is the best math app worldwide, offering personalized learning course, 1:1 instant feedback, math camera, diagnostic test, math solution, step-by-step explanation videos and even math games.
From basic to advanced level, Mathpid is the most efficient way to get an instant help for 24/7.

We are also awarded and praised by Experts!
🎖42 years of experience in education
🎖Powerful AI Tech from Silicon Valley
🎖UX Main Award, German IF Design award
🎖Education App of Year
📜38 Edutech related patents
📜17 AI Education patents
💼 Professor Feedback - International Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Edinburgh

What is ‘Mathpid’
Mathpid, AI powered math app, is developed for anyone who is interested in learning math.
Basic skills in Mathematics consider as physical strength in athletics.
With Mathpid, you can improve arithmetic skills (which are basic of math), such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal, or fraction.

What does Mathpid do?
- Measures math status and create a course that is tailored to your math level – thanks to AI technology
- Gives a personalized math lessons that finds the exact area you need to improve on
- Provides short explanation videos based on your level
- Snaps a photo with math camera for your math problems and get the solution instantly
- Offers unlimited worksheets for free so you can practice offline as well
- Lets user write a math problem! Recognizes a hand-written math problems and solve it instantly
- Gives handwriting-enabled Notepad whenever you are solving math problem, so you don’t need an extra paper while solving on Mathpid
- Has fun & free Math Games, so that users can learn and play at the same time

Who should use ‘Mathpid’?
- Anyone who wants to learn basics of math
- Anyone who wants to study math at their own pace
- Anyone who wants to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction, decimal and equations.
- Anyone who wants to watch math learning videos based on their levels and eventually boost their math skills
- Anyone who wants to keep brain sharp by solving simple math problems

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Recent Updates - Version 1.7.9
  • Change the splash screen
    Server version check
    Add dynamic link function
    Fix push notification error
    Fix other errors
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