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About YOUKU-Drama, Film, Show, Anime
[Quality Content, Unlimited on YOUKU]
"Great Dance Crew S2" is a competition reality show featuring dance crews. Six celebrity leaders will each form a temporary dance crew with an outstanding domestic label, and together, they will face the challenge of elimination!
"Till The End of The Moon"is exclusive on YOUKU! Turning into either a god or a demon with a change of mind and accompanying the one and only till eternity. Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu rewrite their fate through love. Stay tuned for the new series on YOUKU!
"Who is he" Zhang Yi's thrilling investigation of tangles cases!
"The Last Princess" The last princess and the domineering young marshal's wartime love story.
Watch "New Vanity Fair", you'll have a better understanding of the current Chinese entertainment industry. The hit show "New Vanity Fair" is airing on YOUKU!
"The Headhunting", produced by YOUKU, is the first reality show focused on observing the workplace of headhunters. Seven "Star Headhunter" candidates will be selected from the industry to complete the "Headhunting Project" by passing the assessments of real-life cases. The six major tasks include finding suitable candidates for the roles of product director, artist coordinator, algorithm engineer, senior bioinformatics specialist for early cancer detection, new media operator, and brand officer. The seven candidates will compete with each other for places in the next round.
"Legend of Xianwu" is adapted from "Xianwu Dizun" by Liu Jie San Dao. A single spark of True Fire can start a prairie fire, a path to becoming a deity will never be abandoned, and the heavens will not be let down! Broadcast exclusively on YOUKU every Sunday at 10 AM (UTC+8) from March 19th!
"The Starry Love" Chen Xingxu and Li Landi's version of "Wrong Carriage, Right Groom" in the Heavenly Realm? Due to a mix-up, the twin sisters are married off to the wrong husbands in the wrong realms. They put on a farcical disguise, but romance begins to blossom between the two mismatched couples. From 16 February, stay tuned for the two sweet couples on YOUKU!
"Bride's Revenge" The daughter of a rich family is framed and becomes an unwilling bride to wash away bad luck. Full of anger and hatred, she endures humiliation to avenge her loved one.
Cinderella is thrown back to her original form, but the Prince insists on taking the bait despite knowing it's a setup? In their inseparable marriage, will the Prince and Cinderella be honest with each other and live happily ever after? Song Yanfei and Yu Menglong present you "Wenderella's Diary". From 13 February, exclusive on YOUKU!
"Love Is Full of Jiudaowan" Han Dongjun, Rayzha Alimjan, and Chen Yao interpret the twists and turns in life in Beijing.
"Good Guy Good Luck" With strange events taking place in a small city in the Northeast, Fan Wei discovers the truth and becomes the surprise hit of the town.
"Wulin Heroes": Only on YOUKU! Li Hongyi and Huang Riying take on the roles of a cold-faced miracle doctor and a demoness bent on revenge. Together, they shall stir up love and wistfulness in Wulin...
"My Eternal Star": A cute girl enamored with Hanfu and an enthusiastic pro-gamer fall in love with each other!
"Turn on the Right Way of Life": Huang Bo and Mei Ting team up to portray the various ups and downs of middle age and demonstrate what real life has to offer. From fighting fate to accepting life, come watch it on YOUKU, where the show awaits you every night at 8:30 PM (UTC+8)!
"Big Brother": Based on the novel "My Senior Brother Is Too Steady", this is a Chinese animation masterpiece! A light-hearted comedy about cultivation, where being steady amid chaos is the way to go!
"Country Love 15": It's a celebration whenever Country Love comes around! Every Monday to Thursday, come and watch the "Xiangya Mountain F4" do their annual mischief, where everyone tries to start a business!

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