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English Grammar and Vocabulary

About English Grammar and Vocabulary
«English Grammar and Vocabulary» app has a new approach to English language learning. It offers users a lot of units which help them expand their grammar and vocabulary knowledge.

What do we mean by a unit? We choose an interesting topic to discuss and fill it with different activities. It can be a text, of course in English, with active words. Or it can be a list of words that will then appear in different tasks. We also find catching videos and fill them with useful information.

Another type of units is dedicated to a certain Grammar topic. We choose the most difficult and confusing grammar themes. At first we give a detailed explanation with lots of examples and then we offer users to improve new skills via exercises.

One of the most important ideas of our app is that each unit has a theory part and a part with practice. Such an approach lets users get the new material easier. And therefore — they learn English faster.

This application is an efficient way to learn English. It provides lots of tests and exercises in each unit. You can choose whether you want to learn grammar or new vocabulary today.

What’s important — you won’t find a big boring English course book inside. You will find a real transformer — make up your own book, learn certain topics which are interesting for you. And change English learning skills as you like: grammar, reading and vocabulary training.

At the same time this app will be a good assistant for you during your offline curriculum. But unlike large English course books, this app doesn’t require a lot of space in your bag. Everything you need for studying is in your pocket: learn something new and do exercises right after.

You will find very helpful features like active English word lists that include meanings, transcriptions, pictures and examples. All units have special marks that show a level. There are units for beginners, intermediates and advanced learners.

We have tried to choose the most popular topics that will be interesting to the majority of English learners. Space travels, universe problems, social media, job and many more.

We also choose the most necessary Grammar topics — those ones that confuse learners during their studies. But we don’t give long-read theoretical grammar articles. We divide big topics into smaller ones. Again, this helps students learn new grammar material faster.

That is why learning with «English Grammar and Vocabulary» app is an interesting, funny and efficient way to study English.

«English Grammar and Vocabulary» is a new rapidly developing app. Each week learners get new useful and engaging units with tests and exercises. Also, we embed tools and features that make the app’s functionality clear and easy to use.

Another important concept is that the app is absolutely free. No hidden payments inside.
Recent Updates - Version 1.2.1
  • - Dark theme
    - New units
    - Minor improvements
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