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Complete English grammar Book

About Complete English grammar Book
This Complete English grammar book, speaking, conversation, verbs & tenses app is one the perfect app to learn English Grammar
This is the best English grammar app you can easily learn complete English grammar book step by step and improve English Speaking skills and also learn English Tenses all tenses easily lean with the help of this app and improve Speak English fluently & English conversation skills.
This English grammar, speaking, conversation & English tenses app helps you to improve your grammar skills English Speaking skills, learn English Tenses, Speak English fluently, English conversations on daily basis. This application teaches you English Grammar, speaking skills, conversation, verbs & tenses skills so that you can get your confidence & your personality in front of the whole world.
*Feature of Complete English grammar book, speaking, conversation, tenses:

*** Nouns in English***
• Gendered nouns
• Singular and plural nouns including irregular plural nouns
• Countable and uncountable nouns
• Definite pronouns
• Indefinite pronouns
• Compound nouns
• Capitalization rules for nouns
• Nationalities in English
• Forming the possessive
*** Learn about adjectives in English***
• Definition of adjectives
• Recognizing and placing adjectives in sentences
• The order of adjectives when using several in a row
• Forming comparative and superlative adjectives
• Using adjectives to compare attributes
• Adjectives describing equal quantities
• Adjectives describing unequal quantities
*** Adverbs in English***
• What adverbs are and what they are for
• Forming adverbs from adjectives
• Forming the comparative and the superlative of adverbs
• Adverbs of place
• Adverbs of time
• Adverbs of manner
• Adverbs of degree
• Adverbs of certainty
• Viewpoint and commenting adverbs
• Relative adverbs
• Interrogative adverbs
*** Determiners in English***
• Definite article: the
• Indefinite articles: a, an
• Demonstratives: this, that, these, those
• Pronouns and possessive determiners: my, your, his, her, its, our, their
• Numbers: one, ten, thirty
• Difference words: other, another
• Pre-determiners: such, what, rather, quite
*** Punctuation rules in English ***
• The period
• The comma
• The exclamation mark
• The question mark
• The colon
• The semicolon
• The quotation mark
• The apostrophe
• The hyphen and the dash
• Parentheses and brackets
*** Verbs & verb tenses***
Learn all tenses step by step
• Past Tenses
• Present Tenses
• Future Tenses
• present perfect tense
• simple present tense
• present perfect continuous
• simple past tense
• Past perfect continuous
• Future perfect continuous
• present perfect simple
• conversation exchange
• lead past tense
• past perfect tense examples
• Conditional tenses in English
• Passive voice
• Infinitives
• Gerund
*** Reporting Speech in English ***
• Direct and indirect speech
• Tense changes when reporting speech
• Question forms and reporting speech
• Verbs used for reporting speech in English
• Reporting orders, requests, and suggestions
• Reporting hopes, intentions, and promises

This English grammar book, speaking, conversation, tenses app offline app
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