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Japanese Diet

About Japanese Diet
Japanese diet was invented by a Japanese сlinic. The virtue of it is that its menu includes foods that can speed up and optimize the body's metabolism. The diet is quite hard, so to achieve the desired result, you should strictly observe it, without departing from the following menus.

Nutritionists mark a few advantages of the Japanese diet - it is both low-carbohydrate and low-calorie. Although fully of proteinit is not considered - all necessary for our body is found in vegetables and fruits that are allowed to eat at the Japanese diet. In addition, all products should be consumed without salt, because of this leaving hungry.

The duration of the diet - 13(14) days. Effectiveness (or loss kilograms) may be different, the higher your initial weight, the more pounds you lose on average 7-8 kg. To save the result of a diet as much as possible, it should be after the release of the diet eat moderately, not to get involved in the flour and fat.

Japanese diet allow you to bring your shape back to normal, and in many ways to improve your health.

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Recent Updates - Version 1.0.6
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