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Share Products and Make Money

About Share Products and Make Money
eSavvy app is an easy way to earn money online while sharing what you love and care about Cooperate with global brands and use your influence to make money online by promoting the products and deals that interest you and social media followers

Everyone has influence and you should be rewarded for it. It doesn't matter if you are just starting your online income journey or you are an experienced creator looking to grow your passive income, you can cooperate with brands and monetize your online content. You will find the eSavvy app to be a simple and useful tool to earn money online. All you have to do is share products you like on your social media. When your friends buy products that you recommend and share, you will get cash rewards

eSavvy is a social network for people like you who want to cooperate with their favorite brands, while helping their friends with smart shopping and increasing their social influence and online income. Shopping and sharing can be fun, smart, and rewarding

eSavvy collaborates with hundreds of brands in: Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Electronics, Beauty products and many more, so it’s easy to find the ones you and your audience like. With eSavvy, you can simply browse through the brands and products, filter and find the products and shopping style you love

The eSavvy app is easy to use, make money online and reward your influence:
🛍️ Choose the products that you think your friends will love
📲 With one click, share your unique trackable link on your social media or in text messages
💳 When someone purchases through your link, you automatically start to earn money

By joining our eSavvy influencer community, you will be able to generate income online by sharing and receiving access to hundreds of brands and products that you like. You’ll also receive insights about what other influencers are recommending. It allows you to make money from home or anywhere else on the go

Users receive suggestions of the most converting products and can leverage the power of the community to earn more. If recommendations help others, then all of the community is rewarded. So the better your recommendations are, the more passive income you will generate

Users can keep track of which recommendations are performing well, so they know what products their network likes and can optimize their content to provide their friends with the best deals for them. eSavvy also alerts creators and influencers of sales, coupons, and opportunities to earn money and monetize their content

Users can also make money by growing their own network on eSavvy to receive passive income online. When you invite friends, you get passive income when they earn money. The more influencers in your network, the more passive income you’ll have

🐣 If you are getting started and looking for a way working from home
People value your shopping style and your opinion and want to know it. With eSavvy, you can immediately start earning money online and reward your influence. Share the products you like using the eSavvy app and you will earn money for every qualified purchase following your recommendation

🦸 If you are an experienced social media creator
If you are looking for affiliate programs to earn passive income while you work at home, give eSavvy a try. Share eSavvy links on your social media and you will make money when your followers purchase through your links. eSavvy helps influencers monetize their content and grow their brand online

ABOUT eSavvy
eSavvy was created to democratize the influencer market and to allow everybody to utilize their influence. Your digital profile is a key asset and we are here to help you make the most of it. We empower people to promote what they like and benefit from it

We believe in the power of your recommendations. You deserve to be REWARDED for them
Recent Updates - Version 217
  • eSavvy Android Application release!
    Share you favorite online products and shopping experience with friends and family and receive cash rewards.
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