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PokeMatch - PvP Battle Finder

About PokeMatch - PvP Battle Finder
Find opponents instantly to practice PvP Battles, gain experience and get one step closer to increasing your GBL Ranking on Pokémon GO! PokeMatch is the best coach to make you a champion. You will start winning battles with the help of the real time assistant right away!

Find Out the Best Way to Beat Your Opponent
Want to figure your opponent’s attacks and weaknesses out? Easy. Just start the PvP Assistant and head to the PvP battle. The assistant will give all the hints you need at the top of the screen for you to perform your best strategy.

Grind XP
The more you battle with new people, the more XP you earn through new friendships and friendship milestones! You can find opponents who are ready to battle instantly. Battle every day with them to increase your friendship level while practicing your skills!

Practice to Become a GBL Champion
Practice makes perfect, so try and test as many strategies as you can without getting your GBL Ranking affected. Just build your best team and with the help of the assistant you will become a champion in no time. Start winning PvP Battles, go higher on the GBL ranks easily!

Earn Rewards
You can earn rewards up to 3 matches a day like Stardust & Rare Candy. Bring your buddy to the battle with you to earn a heart too!

Build Your PvP History
PokeMatch automatically creates a PvP history for you to check and create your best team! You can look back at your battle history and review your past strategies. Form the best strategy, win every time.

Safe to Use
PokeMatch does not access any game data. It is in full compliance with the Terms of Service. It captures the PvP screen to extract only the required info!

PokeMatch is a third party application to help trainers to build their strongest PvP teams. It is not affiliated with Pokémon GO, Niantic, Nintendo or The Pokémon Company.
Recent Updates - Version 0.5.1
  • You are now able to find opponents to practice PvP battles
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