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Math for Kids

About Math for Kids
MATH FOR KIDS – is a new and FREE educational app of mathematical games! Discover this FREE educational mathematical app, MATH FOR KIDS, with your children. This didactic math app, developed by parents and education experts, was created with focus on the primary school children’s needs. This mathematical application takes them to the world of numbers in a happy and fun way! With MATH FOR KIDS educational games, getting to know the numbers and how to add or to subtract has never been this easy or fun!

4 EDUCATIONAL MATHEMATICAL GAMES: While playing, kids are able to learn and have fun with MATH FOR KIDS educational mathematical games, at the same time as they play with numbers, do addition and subtraction calculations! All games are primary school’s children appropriate and completely FREE!

1st GAME – Find your number! Educational mathematical game - that sharpens your kids’ curiosity! In this educational mathematical game, children are challenged to find the “hidden” number, which makes itself visible by sliding their finger through the screen. Peekaboo!

2nd GAME – Count the animals! An educational math game - where your kids are able to recognize different domestic and wild animals’ images. At the end, they have to count them and select how many animals appear in the image. It’s easy as 1,2,3!

3th GAME – Add and Subtract! Educational mathematical game - in a happy and cheerful way, this educational math game, helps to teach, or even reinforce, the children’s mathematical abilities to add and subtract numbers! With this educational math game, adding and subtracting will mean hours of fun! It’s all about adding knowledge with joy!

4th GAME – Matching Pairs! Educational game - challenge your kids with this educational game to discover the matching pair of each image. It’s an images association game for children, designed to provide hours of entertainment and fun! Let’s see who is the fastest at home!

All games of this EDUCATIONAL and MATHEMATICAL app, were especially designed to stimulate the development and reinforcement of kids’ multiple cognitive capabilities. The capabilities of logical reasoning and mathematical, manual skills, concentration and memory, these are the capabilities that MATH FOR KIDS intends to develop on kids.

For children safety, this app does not contain any type of advertisements or in app purchases.
Math for Kids is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

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