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About ChoreCare
ChoreCare is the go-to service provider for your chores ranging from mundane everyday tasks to duties that you'd rather avoid, and they keep piling up in your closet, quite literally!

The dedication of our team is what fuels our efforts to strive for better results that make your life easier and help us improve our performance by every passing day. Our Pros are vetted to ensure that they have your back whether you need to mow the lawn or grab groceries from the supermarket, and more.


1. Tell us about your chore.
2. Find a suitable Pro near you
3. Book the Pro based on pricing and reviews
4. Confirm the booking, and you're all set!


ChoreCare was designed to be simply ahead of the curve with the utmost functionality embedded into our app, an all-in-one solution for our customers and Pros alike. Now you get to view the updates in real-time and say goodbye to latencies that would typically ruin anybody's experience as a user.

1. ChoreCare enables you to get help within minutes and even contactless Pros if you’re willing to get the job taken care of remotely.
2. The pricing is transparent, and so are the reviews; we try to ensure that our Pros are carefully vetted to only provide the best services in the market.
3. Chat with the Pros in real-time and get your message across to them without the extra hassle.
4. The payments are secure from the get-go; the purpose of ChoreCare was to ensure that we uphold the highest care standards in the industry.
5. The best part is yet to come; all of this functionality is just one click away!


ChoreCare is your personal assistant that strives to get things done virtually, whether it's running errands, dropping off deliveries, waiting in line, lifting, mowing, hauling, plumbing, shifting, moving, cleaning, pest controlling, and more. The possibilities are always endless with ChoreCare, you name it, and we do it!

Our support team is available 24/7 for you to ensure that you do not face any hiccups whether you're a Pro or a user; this seamless customer service paves the way for you to live carefreely and keep on checking things off from your to-do list because that's what we do best!
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.1
  • EASY AS IT GETS: Get the ball rolling on those tasks that are long overdue!
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2. Download ChoreCare APK
3. Launch from APK Library