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About Pixio®
The PIXIO app is an integral part of the PIXIO magnetic construction set. With it, you can create hundreds of different art pieces according to interactive instructions. At the same time, you can use the PIXIO app without a construction set, and assemble your art in only a digital format.

The PIXIO app provides a wide range of opportunities for creators and fans of pixel and voxel art. Create your 3D pixel art in the Studio. Post it in the art feed. Get feedback from the community in the comments. Follow your favorite artists and constantly update your art collections. Get inspired by thousands of artists around the world and participate in competitions. Get real magnetic blocks to bring your creative ideas created in the app to life. All this is waiting for you in the new PIXIO app!

In addition to the epic transformation of the app into a social network for pixel art enthusiasts from all over the world, the updated version has new features:

■ search thousands of pieces of art using tags, collections, keywords, and artists;
■ have fun augmenting reality with your art (AR);
■ change the background color of the art;
■ get inspired by the art of other artists — in the Studio you can work with any published art in the app, see in detail how it was made, and then upgrade it;
■ look for new color ideas with the recolor function;
■ choose any angle of your art to show it to the audience in the feed from the perfect angle.

Of course, the basic functions for which pixel and voxel art fans love the PIXIO app have remained unchanged:

■ Each art in the PIXIO app is an accessible interactive instruction for creating anything from the PIXIO magnetic construction set. There are a variety of art collections for creative activities, ranging from animals and robots to artworks and interiors.
■ Create on the go, on different devices, even without an internet connection.
■ Interactive 3D guides, explaining how to create characters and artefacts.
■ Friendly instructions on the colors and numbers of required blocks for each creation.
■ Regular collection updates.

PIXIO is dedicated to all designers, gamers, artists, architects as well as lovers, fans and admirers of everything new, fashionable, technological, and beautiful.

We created a new physical product for art creation — VOXART click-tile construction set:
■ You can now see construction elements for both PIXIO magnetic blocks and VOXART click-tiles
■ New Collection with several sub-collections for your inspiration
With the app and only one set of PIXIO, there can be a new creation on your table every day that expresses your mood and develops your imagination.

Create 3D pixel art

Share your art with the public

Get feedback from the public

Build art in reality

Explore the world of pixel and voxel art

Get inspired by art collections

Explore art design

Upgrade any of the thousands of pieces of published art

Get ideas for new palettes

PIXIO is a state-of-the-art technology with the pursuit of excellence through design.
Smart system of magnets inside, so it feels like the blocks are alive in your hands.

Carefully picked color palettes.

Surface of the blocks is pleasing to the touch.

Satisfying clicking sound when connecting the blocks.

Each PIXIO block is a little plastic cube size 8*8*8 mm (0.3*0.3*0.3 inches) weighing less than 1 gram with 6 magnets inside it. The position and polarity of the magnets are designed so that the blocks can be connected to each other in any sequence from different sides. Just take the PIXIO block in your hand and place it next to the other PIXIO blocks – and BANG! - the PIXIO blocks are connected.
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 2.1.194-gateway
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