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Via Driver

About Via Driver
Download the app and sign up today to start earning!

Choose when and how much you want to drive.

Say goodbye to guesswork. We’ll send you hourly rates — and special promos — in advance, so you can plan ahead.

You’re not on the road alone — Via’s Live Support team offers 24/7 assistance, and you’ll be connected with a real person, too.

We take people where they need to go in the most efficient way possible, and riders are picked up on nearby corners — which means fewer unnecessary detours.

Don’t have an account yet? Download the app and click on “sign up”. Qualified drivers will be invited to complete their registration and get on the road with Via!

Want to ride instead? Download the Via Rider app.

The Via Driver app required up to 2GB of data per month.
As the app provides navigation services, it is essential for the GPS to run in the background while you are driving with Via in order to provide continuous navigation.
Recent Updates - Version 9.17.1
  • We constantly update and improve our app to make sure our valued Driver Partners have the best experience possible. To get started and join Team Via, apply online at Qualified drivers will be invited to complete their registration, download the Via Driver app, and get on the road with Via!
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How To Download & Play:
1. Download & Install AppKiwi
2. Download Via Driver APK
3. Launch from APK Library