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About Kids puzzle games | RMB Games
Do you want your toddler to have a very sharp memory? Of course, Yes.

This smart games for kids is specially designed for children to improve their memory and learning skills. There are many features in the puzzle which are dedicated to improve the IQ of the baby’s. There is a huge difference between the learning process of a toddler and a grown up. Grown-ups can try hard to increase their learning ability. But, this is not the same for children’s. A toddler will not show any interest in a very hard thing or anything that requires steep learning curve.

But, this app is designed in such a way that any toddler will find it interesting. Puzzle is designed with two objectives: improve the memory and learning ability and hold the children’s interest. When kids play this puzzle games for toddlers, they will find it very interesting. In this way they will develop a great interest towards learning new things.

Animal games for toddlers features the shadow matching function. In this feature, the app has the shadows of different objects and the player has to match the objects to the correct shadows. This develops the toddlers analysing power and memory. Moreover, if the correct shadow is matched, the proper pronunciation is played. This enables the children to know what the object is called in real life. This is the feature that every memory game for kids of 3 to 4 years should have. It is one of the best puzzle game for toddlers, girls and boys.

Smart games for kids should be interesting enough to hold their interest as well as improve their learning. Baby first app does it perfectly. This is why it is one of the best logic and free puzzle games for kids. It is also one of the best fruit and vegetable and fruit games for kids. Because it has a wide variety of objects starting from small things like tooth brushes, forks and pen to large things like bus, cars and aeroplanes. Another important feature that the baby app has is the alphabet touch. In this feature the player has to hold an object i.e. touch the screen and move the object to the alphabet. When the player touches the alphabet, the system will say out the alphabet’s name. For example, if the object is fork. The player has to touch the object and drag to the alphabet. Then the system will say out the name of the alphabet.

The alphabet feature is a must have feature in toddlers learning. This feature enables the children’s to be familiar with English alphabets. When the children’s play the puzzle for toddlers, they will develop a great vocabulary than other children’s. So, they will find the school studies easier than others. Furthermore, this app has great toddler puzzle games for kids and is one of the best smart games for kids for free on the App Store. The alphabet feature is the best example of teacher games. Generally, children’s get bored in school while learning from the teachers. But, with this app they get access to learn things while playing animal games for toddlers. It holds their interest a lot. This can be the baby first app. A baby first app like this helps the children’s develop a great learning skill even before they attend the kindergarten. Playing toddler puzzle games for kids like this helps the toddlers develop the habit. Learning habit is a great tool for their bright future. This features make this app the best smart game for kids for free.

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