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Random Cards: Tower Defense TD

About Random Cards: Tower Defense TD
It’s nothing to do without ingenuity, especially in Random Cards: Tower Defense TD. It will be difficult to defend the towers from numerous monsters. Do you wanna play and have fun? It's simple. And it doesn’t matter if it’s PvP or PvE. You can play on your own against experienced challengers or confront hordes of monsters together with allies.

🛡 Tower Defense is one of the most captivating strategies. For a player, the main goal is to defend the tower. You will have to fight monsters, defeat bosses and figure out the ways to overcome the odds. Place magic cards wisely to upgrade the defense of the tower. This will allow you to fight even the most daring monsters and enemies. You’ll have to decide what cards you need to upgrade in order to enhance their effect. If you’re smart in your approach to the gameplay, you can easily begin to crush the strongest enemies!

🎮 It’s possible to choose between PvP or Cooperative games. Try both! You can play with your allies or fight against other players online. Connection requires a few seconds! Don’t think that it’s easy to create a team to defeat the hordes of wild monsters. It’s not. To become stronger, you really need to ‘pump’ the magic cards up.

🎮 Team play is a great opportunity to have fun with friends or even with players from another country! You can start such a game in a matter of seconds. Show everyone that you’re the champion of the ‘tower defense’!

🛡 The cubes or towers are considered to be universal defensive structures. Who said that cards are worse? They’re really cool! They’re magical, attractive and... Mysterious! They keep irresistible power inside. Any random choice can bring you a victory or defeat. The major goal is to defend the tower. Your rivals will definitely be very serious. They will strive with everything they have to take what’s yours. Be savvy, brave and cunning. Become the great one – a champion!

🛡 To defend the tower, you should collect and upgrade cards. If your collection is harmonic and flawless, you can hope to succeed. But you have to decide what cards to choose!

The game is regularly updated. New cards, locations, monsters, bosses, heroes are added. Please check for updates and don't forget to install them!

👾 Does the game seem boring without a bunch of terrible and furious monsters? We agree! Let’s bring more monsters here! More!

👾 Random Cards: Tower Defense isn’t an easy game. Don’t be afraid. Consider it a challenge. Just believe that you will become a champion. Build a team of the strongest players or beat your enemy one on one. In order to win, you will need to forecast all the possible actions! Every step you make must be well-considered. Play different tower defense scenarios, make wise decisions, upgrade your cards. And get ready to make tough decisions! Each card has its own strength and power. The outcome of the battle isn’t just a matter of chance.

🎮 There’re 2 game modes. These are team battles, multiplayer PvP and cooperative PvE. It’s also possible to have some fun in the game the way you like. Without any doubt, this game is great. Invite your friends, fight with or against them!

🎮 Each new Tower Defense match will bring you new emotions and inexpressible impressions. Why? Because the cards will appear randomly. Because you can defend towers in various ways. Everything depends on how smart you are and your ability to develop and apply a strategy at the right time. The powers and abilities of cards will allow you to defend the tower. However, anything can happen. And it can make you act quickly, ‘in this very moment’, here and now. So don't rely on the cards only.

Game features:

⚔Upgrade battle cards and hero abilities.
⚔Collect cups and get rewards in regular weekly events and VIP PASS, open chests, get gold, diamonds, new cards and heroes.
⚔Each new card has its unique ability.
⚔Collect your own unique deck to defend the tower.

Let’s go! For victory! For our people!
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 0.290
  • 1. VIP Nickname.
    2. Map “Poisonous": added shots.
    3. Orc Axe: The rank of the card affects the chance of critical damage.
    4. Attack Speed: Card rank affects acceleration.
    5. Blade of Rage: The rank of the card affects the attack speed.
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