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Wordsmyth - Calm Word Play

About Wordsmyth - Calm Word Play
Wordsmyth - A Daily Word Game

Wordsmyth is simple - one new word puzzle, for every day you play

Wordsmyth is a classic game with a twist - there are no ads, no timers and no pressure. It’s a finely crafted, daily word game that lets you unwind and train your brain whenever you need a break.

With a minimalistic design and an 'indie games' soul, this is a daily word game that will help keep you calm and stress-free for years to come.

Metro - "Near perfect mobile entertainment - 9/10"

AndroidPolice - "Wordsmyth is a solid choice"

PocketGamer - "more of a meditative experience rather than a stressful one"

Chosen by as one of the best alternatives to Wordle!

Wordsmyth works by giving you just one daily word puzzle to work on. Longer lasting than Wordle, it will keep you pondering throughout the day without any sense of stress or pressure.

Every day, you will begin with a fresh grid of 9 letters. Take your time, relax and find as many words as you can.

✦ Tap each letter to create your word.
✦ Swipe to delete, and start typing again.
✦ Every word you have found will appear in your word collection to help you.
✦ Don't be afraid to use the hint button - unlike other word games it's unlimited, and you won't be punished for using it.
✦ Your last 7 word games will be saved, so don't feel pressured to finish todays before midnight!

Buy it once, play it forever - With enough anagrams to last over 18 years, you will never be short of a relaxing word puzzle to pass the time. This is a daily word game that will find its own place in your everyday routine.

A Stress-Free Take On The Classic Word Games - It's a word jumble without the timer, Scrabble without the points - just you and your 9 letters. Drop in for a quick game whenever you need to take a break, or collect words with friends for a fun co op challenge.

A No-Nonsense Word Jumble Game- Built on an expertly curated dictionary, its a familiar word puzzle that is easy to play yet a challenge to master. There are unlimited spoiler-free hints to help you, and a clear list of every word you’ve already found.

Daily Word Puzzle without the Pressure - Unlike Wordle, your past games are saved for 7 days, so you’re never under any pressure to finish. Still stuck for time? You can also ‘heart’ a puzzle to store it forever.

Mindfulness at its heart - The beautiful, dynamic scenery flows with every interaction, while the mellow soundscapes help draw you deeper into the experience. It’s the ultimate in relaxing word jumble games, and will quickly become part of your mindful daily routine.

Train Your Brain In 5 Minutes A Day - By giving you just one 9 letter word puzzle a day, it allows you to relax, rest your mind and focus. Word games have never been more peaceful.

Familiar To Everyone - Wordsmyth isn’t trying to overcomplicate things. It’s simple to play, with the daily approach of Wordle.

The ‘indie games’ touch - Beautifully crafted by a single developer, this is a daily word puzzle filled with care and attention. Wordsmyth has no interest in collecting your data or filling your screen with adverts - it exists to provide you with years of peaceful, relaxing gameplay for just the price of a coffee.
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Recent Updates - Version 0.91
  • - Dictionary Feedback - If you find a word isn't accepted by Wordsmyth, but you believe it should be, you can now submit this word back to me for inclusion in a future update.
    - Battery Saver Improvements - The Battery Saver mode has been cleaned up and optimised, trading visual detail for better performance.
    - Fix for slowdown when transitioning between screens
    - Other bug fixes

    Thank you to everyone for your support of Wordsmyth, it's always great to hear from the people who play it!
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