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Play Pals: Words with Friends

About Play Pals: Words with Friends
What new social, puzzle game is more addictive than Boggle? More challenging than Wordle? More highly rated than both Wordscapes and Words with Friends?

Easy to learn, difficult to master, Play Pals is the multiplayer, word connect game that has something for everyone! Whether you're a casual word swiper trying to improve your vocabulary, or a competitive wordsmith looking to test your skills against the best word search pros in the world, you're absolutely guaranteed to have a blast!

👧👱👩🏾 Choose Your Avatar
Choose between one of six 3D Play Pals to represent yourself while you play. Customize your skin tone, hair, eye color, and height. As you progress, you will unlock rare outfits to dress your avatar in, slowly establishing your own unique fashion style. Over a million possible outfit combinations are available in all!

🆚 Create a Game
Challenge a friend online or select "Smart Match" to pair with a random player of your skill level. Compete over the course of three rounds to determine whose avatar is the champion!

🔗 Connect the Words
Search amongst the word scramble by linking the 3D letter blocks horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Swipe as many words as you can before the timer expires! Connect longer words and include bonus blocks to maximize your score!

🎁 Earn Rewards
Earn coins or gems by scoring points, winning matches, and achieving goals. Use them to purchase boosters for an extra in-game edge, or rare outfits to dress your avatar in and show off your fashion style! And remember to come back regularly to collect your free daily reward!

🧠 Train Your Brain
Want to improve both your word finder skills as well as your English vocabulary? Play Solo Games then reveal the words you missed at the end of each round. Flex your brain/memory, by using that new knowledge to try and beat your personal high score!

🏆 Compete in Tournaments
Want to switch it up? Take part in daily multiplayer tournaments with up to a dozen other word-finders for the chance to win huge prizes! Each day’s tournament features either a free booster or a special game board for a fresh mind-bending challenge!

🚀 Utilize Boosters
Before each game, you have the opportunity to select up to three unique 3D boosters to help with your word connect abilities. Use the Spin Booster to rotate the board and add back a few seconds to the timer, the Clairvoyance booster to envision a word you have yet to swipe, or the Final Word booster for one last shot once the timer expires!

🥇 Move up the Leaderboard
Got a competitive streak? Win one-on-one matches, place at the top of tournaments, or achieve new high scores to increase your player rating, skill tier, and global ranking. Earn bragging rights amongst your friends, or see how you stack up on the leaderboard with the best word pros from around the world!
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Recent Updates - Version 1.9
  • New for 2023! Experience new unlockable outfits for your avatar, elite match types, and touch haptics in this latest version of Play Pals!
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