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Legend of Sword Heroes

About Legend of Sword Heroes
Legend of Sword Heroes is a fantasy fairy tale mobile game. With the continuous exploration of the protagonist, the wonderful plot line of cultivating immortals, the game screen is simple and beautiful, giving you the best visual experience, and you can easily kill monsters with a set of skills , Fight different enemies in the world of Xianxia. The game also adopts full 3D modeling, through super large seamless maps, beautiful scenes, to bring players the most authentic immersive experience!
The game has rich gameplay, gorgeous and lovely riding pets, transformation, refining and other systems to help players improve their strength. Gorgeous cute pets guard your journey of cultivating immortals all the way, as well as a super-strength combat team and a group of like-minded teammates to accompany you to brave the rivers and lakes, and the free and open world boss snatching makes people excited! This is your fantasy journey of cultivating immortals, all heroes are waiting for you to fight, let's rebuild the rivers and lakes together!

Game Features:

[Beautiful painting style, dancing the universe]
Exquisite characters are modeled in the environment, which is comparable to the end-game level. The next-generation picture performance technology is introduced into the mobile game quality presentation. The beautiful painting style is fascinating. The world map is free to explore and experience unknown adventures. Every exploration is a new journey!

[Various ways to play, rich experience]
Cross-server bosses, learn fighting skills, use swords to kill monsters, team up to kill monsters, kings fight for hegemony, rich systems are waiting for you to discover! Exquisite team dungeons, heroes gather together, confer gods, become kings, experience the privileges of kings, and enjoy the worship of thousands of people!

[Massive magical costumes, super high explosion rate]
Start with a godly outfit per capita, all resources are open, exciting equipment can increase speed, and there is a chance to drop god-level secret treasures, and instantly gain heaven-defying combat power! Free permanent costumes, mounts, fairy pets, and wings when you hit the boss!

[Fairy couple love, love for three lives]
A marriage home system with thousands of people and faces, build a love nest together, and walk with you in the vast sea of ​​stars! There are Xianmeng partners to accompany it! The master and apprentice sworn in love, and they fell in love deeply because of the rivers and lakes. Two-person interaction, family play, family dinner, fun and socializing freely!

[Offline hang up, massive harvest]
One-button operation, easy hang-up, automatic monster hunting and treasure collection, various copy upgrades, hands-free, full harvest. There is also a super high off-hook explosion rate, one-click collection after login, massive resources, instant gains!
Recent Updates - Version 2.1.0
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