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AFK Wars: Hero Raid Idle Game

About AFK Wars: Hero Raid Idle Game
Superhero Wars is an idle mobile game that combines strategy gameplay such as hero collection, RPG adventure and Kingdom vs Kingdom. Rich and exciting gameplay, unique hero system, cool skill and special effects, thrilling kingdom wars, bring you a different game experience!

◈Battle in Arena
Join the global arena of the same server, experience real-time translation in multiple languages, chat and communication without barriers, and compete with elite players from all over the world in the peak arena!

◈Explore the Unknown
Recruit superheroes from six different camps, form your hero squad, and embark on an adventure in the unknown world! Adjust your own tactics and use different skill combinations to turn the odds around.

◈Upgrade and Awaken
Train your heroes in actual battles, unlock skills, collect rare materials, and create unique and exclusive artifacts. Enjoy hundreds of strategic combinations with simple operations, and flexibly respond to different battles.

◈Idle Auto-Battle
Set up your lineup of heroes and they will automatically fight for you! Enjoy in the idle casual gameplay, and you can get abundant rewards even when you hang up offline! Easy to win the strategic battles, simple to enjoy the fantasy adventure!

◈Share Hero Level
You only need to cultivate five main heroes when you start the superhero cloning plan, and other heroes can easily share the corresponding level. Little effort makes full harvest! Adjust your strategy, form up freely, and kill the BOSS with your allies!

Hurry up and join Superhero Wars, enter the parallel universe with your alliance friends, participate in the exciting cross-server kingdom wars, and seize the supreme throne of the king!
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.0
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