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AFK Heroes: Idle RPG Legends

About AFK Heroes: Idle RPG Legends
In this strategy Idle RPG, you will be a chosen one who has the mysterious power to summon heroes from the six factions of the East, Revenger, Mech, Death, Leader, and Destroyer.
The Evil Dark Legion threaten the fate of the earth, join the warfare against the shadow! Summon a mighty party of unique heroes to create your own dream-team of legendary warriors. You can then enhance their abilities with powerful skills, unlock their exclusive artifacts, and strengthen them for battles. Join hands with alliance friends to defeat the Evil Dark Legion and save the world!

#Game Features#
▶ Summon Mighty Heroes
Unlock the hero tavern and summon more than 100 superheroes from six camps with different skills.
Each hero has a unique talent and combination of skills. Study the strategy and form a mighty squad.
Train your squad in hero arena, evolve them from ordinary, rare, epic, legend to myth!

▶ Auto-battle in Idle RPG
Set your heroes training before you’re away, and they will keep fighting when you are offline!
You can easily collect idle rewards and resources without spending too much time every day.
Be an idle player to enjoy the unknown surprises and leisure fun in the game!

▶ Adventure in Outer Space
Put forth your heroes to do battle in the outer space. Defeat ordinary monsters, obtain rare material rewards, and improve the strength of your squad.
Switch heroes from different camps to challenge the second level hell difficulty. Study the restrain attributes to hone your attack and defense strategies here.
Form three teams of your strongest heroes and join the ultimate nightmare difficulty challenge for the fascinating mystery rewards!

▶ Share Levels in Clone Center
Focus on cultivating five core heroes and improve their experience levels.
Start the cloning plan and share the level with only one tap. Save your time and energy to enjoy more novel gameplays in exploration and battle!

Join millions of global players and start your journey in AFK Heroes: Idle RPG Legends! Leading your band of heroes into peak arena, arcane area and parallel universe!
Recent Updates - Version 1.0.0
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