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Anime Story: Horse Mystery

About Anime Story: Horse Mystery

Anime story about a young heroine. Solve murder mystery on a racetrack. Involving horses, a cute boy you know from your childhood and an officer that tries to teach you how to solve police cases.
It's a visual novel in anime / manga style. Mostly reading but you can choose your own choices. There is a horse and a cute boy involved. Solve the mysterious case!

Anime Story: Horse Mystery is unique because of many original characters draw with a lot of details. Meet Alexander the Jockey who is a friend from the past, majestic Mr Anderson the racetrack owner or a very likeable horsekeeper Otto the ostler. You will see each of these characters in a very beautiful settings like a colourful paddock, a stable where horses regenerates between races, or a modern office of a horse racetrack owner.

Read all chapters and make choices. You can shape the character of a heroine through them and get involved into a story better. Visual novel Anime Story: Horse Mystery is essentially an interactive story which makes you more engaged in the mystery cases, romances, loves, and the whole story.

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Recent Updates - Version 1.0
  • 11 unique main characters
    3 bonus characters (including a horse named Daisy)
    ~30 chapters of a murder mystery story!
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