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About Ascentis
Ascentis' industry leading workforce led human capital management (HCM) technology platform is supported by our ongoing commitment to delivering an unsurpassed client experience. Ascentis technology modules work independently or in concert with each so that each client create their own a-la-carte HCM experience.

Employees Can:

• Punch in/out
• Access your schedule and pick up open shifts
• View accruals
• Request time off and view available time off balances
• View paychecks, tax and deduction details
• Receive messages and push notifications
• View benefits summary information
• Manage personal information
• Find co-workers in company directory and initiate contact with a click
• Access online learning content
• Recognize peers with Kudos
• Manage expenses

Managers Can:

• Find team members contact information and connect via a click
• Approve time off
• Create Customizable punch in/out surveys
• Manage direct reports information
• View and manage schedules
• Send targeted employee push notifications
• Review punch statuses
• Receive notifications about employee requests
• Approve expenses
• Create company news feed

Additional Features include:

• Ability for employees to punch in/out in offline mode
• GPS enabled geofencing for punching
• Biometric enabled log ins
• Multi-lingual
• Supervisor/Employee toggle to switch profiles

Organize. Humanize. Maximize. It’s at the core of what we do.

Important Notes:
1. Use of this app requires data usage, subject to additional charges. Data charges will depend on the mobile phone service provider and actual usage patterns.
2. The Ascentis App collects and transmits (or allows the transmission of) geolocation information to the Workforce Management solution. The App accesses geolocation information for the sole purpose of recording the location of employee time punches. The App saves geolocation information within separate electronic timesheets for each employee. The information is provided with the sole intent of allowing supervisors/managers to verify locations from which employees report time punches. GPS data capture requires employee (app user) authorization. Location information will not be collected if GPS is not authorized.
3. The App transmits geolocation information only to the Ascentis Workforce Management database of the client company with which an employee is associated. Geolocation information collected by the App is the property of the client and may be used and shared at the client’s discretion. Ascentis is not responsible for the client’s release of geolocation information.
4. GPS location accuracy depends on physical location, signal strength, and the mobile phone service provider. Ascentis cannot guarantee the capture of exact locations.
Recent Updates - Version 22.12
  • - Improve view request page to display the legends properly
    - Fix an issue for the user not able to re-enter missed punch after removing a record
    - Daily timesheet to honor the timesheet exception settings
    - Sorting accruals records in view accruals page
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How To Download & Play:
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2. Download Ascentis APK
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