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UKG iSeries

About UKG iSeries
Mobile devices are changing how people interact and conduct business. It’s increasingly common for employees to use smartphones to stay productive while on the road or away from their desks.

As part of the Next Generation of UKG iSeries Central, UKG Mobile for iSeries empowers users and managers to leverage their smartphone devices to access UKG iSeries Central and manage time on the go. Nurses on the floor, salespeople in the field, managers on the shop floor, and employees on business trips can access UKG iSeries Central when and where they need to, enabling them to work efficiently and focus on their tasks at hand.

NOTE: To enable this application your employer must have UKG iSeries Central server software configured for UKG Mobile for iSeries. Contact your system administrator for details.
Recent Updates - Version 3.0.4
  • - Separate Mobile Function Access Settings for Managers
    - Web Access - Location Map in Timecard Punch History
    - Record Punch Attempts Outside Known Places
    - Home Known Place Available in People
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