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Zine - Antistress puzzle game

About Zine - Antistress puzzle game
If you are looking for a relaxing, free and offline logic puzzle game, Zine is the answer for you.

With zen background music and sounds, Zine can take you to a relaxing phase in minutes of play.
The game is simple: connect the dots by drawing a single line without ever crossing it.

One level, multiple solutions
Many levels of Zine have more than one possible solution .. which shape will design your mind?
Be inspired by the suggestive shades that change during the minutes of the game and create beautiful shapes.
If you suffer from anxiety or are full of stress, Zine can calm you down after a few seconds of play!
It also stimulates your creativity by allowing you to draw unique shapes. it's like doing a yoga session, but with your mobile phone wherever you are!

Features of Zine
Zine is a relaxing, free and offline logic puzzle game for kids and adults.
It is accompanied by zen music and sounds for meditation and concentration, as if you were practicing yoga.
Take your moment of tranquility and enter a relaxation phase with Zine at any time you want.
Zine's relaxing atmosphere calms your anxiety and reduces stress in record time!

Are you full of stress or do you suffer from anxiety? No problem!
You can choose your favorite difficulty from different grids.. will you be able to solve them all?
You can find more than 10,000 different levels, from the easiest to fight anxiety and stress, to the most complex to stimulate your creativity and train your mind!!!
In Zine there are various grids such as 4x4, 6x6, 6x8, etc., for each preferred difficulty level.
Find calm in your preferred grid.

Calm, there is no rush
If you are on the train, at the bus stop, or in line for a medical visit, put on your headphones and enjoy relaxation and meditation with Zine and its zen sounds.
No timers, no highscores to beat, no life or waiting time to replay.. Zine's watchword is "calm"!
It only takes a few minutes to enjoy Zine's anti-stress effect.. and you can stop the game at any time and start where you left off.
It doesn't stop there: Zine is also available offline, so you don't need an internet connection or wifi!

Are you training your mind?
If you get stuck in a riddle in the last few grids, you can request help solving the level.
Also, if you don't want to see the ads, you can purchase the "Remove Ads" package at a very low cost and enjoy the 10,000 logic puzzle levels available in Zine.
Try to complete all the levels accompanied by zen music, in a relaxing atmosphere governed by total calm.. and increase your IQ to the stars!

Do you find it difficult to sleep?
If you suffer from insomnia or have difficulty falling asleep, Zine comes to your rescue!
Let yourself be lulled by Zen music and relax your eyes thanks to the suggestive nuances of the game. Connect the dots without haste and find the calm useful to fall asleep.
Remember when as a child they told you to count sheep? Try to count the levels of Zine you complete.. you'll fall asleep in no time!

Moment of depression or a long wait waiting for you?
Fight depression by completing a few levels of Zine. It is an excellent antidepressant useful for achieving inner calm in no time!
Just start the game and, by completing some of the relaxing logic puzzles, your day will immediately jump to the next level as if you had practiced yoga!

Are you tired of living in stress? Download Zine, and bring the calm and focus you need into your life!
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.2
  • - Added achievements
    - Added rankings
    - Added sharing function
    - Implemented "delete last move": now you can delete the last move simply returning back on the previous node
    - Bugs fixed
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