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Zen Symmetry: Relaxing Puzzle

About Zen Symmetry: Relaxing Puzzle
Relaxing puzzles for your mind
Zen Symmetry: Relaxing Puzzle Game is a truly zen game designed to help you take a break from the hustle and bustle, calm down and develop your mind.

Challenge along with a calming and relaxing atmosphere
The main idea of ​​this brain teaser is very simple: you need to solve logic puzzles to create symmetrical images around the lines and centers on the field. Just reflect tiles off lines as off mirrors!

A lot of puzzles with multiple features
The game has 4 chapters, each with multiple complexity levels.
The chapters aren't only set apart by their complexity levels but they also have their own distinctive features such as:
- Mirror symmetry
- Symmetry from the center or central symmetry
- Colored tiles
- Tiles for which the angle of rotation is important

Please your inner perfectionist!
Thanks to the unique features of the chapters, the game never gets boring and it'll keep you entertained for long periods of time as you'll be eager to complete each new chapter!

Puzzle retreat, indeed!
Try Zen mode, this is the most comfortable mode for playing, when you just want to relax and rest, the levels are generated endlessly, gradually, and unobtrusively increasing their difficulty. Nothing to do or a long road ahead? Zen Symmetry is what you are looking for!

Trains your brain, improves your skills!
The game will help you harmoniously and in an interesting way to develop such skills as:
- Mindfulness
- Memory
- Peripheral vision
- Spatial imagination
- Pattern recognizing

You'll feel new neural connections appearing after completing each new level! :-)

Minimalist game
Calming and relaxing music was specially selected so that you can relax and immerse yourself in zen. Minimalist design will help you relax and unwind.

Develop your mind harmoniously with this relaxing and engaging minimalist zen game! Sharpen your focus, train your brain!

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Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 0.12.8
  • Small UI improvements
    New music for complete relax feel
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