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Starfleet Pilot

About Starfleet Pilot
You are a brave pilot, pulled out of warp by a glitch in the hyperspace engine, and teleported into an alien world. Now you are trapped in the time-space manifold, and every time you die, you go back to where you started. But you are Starfleet… Best of their kind... This cannot stop you! Your only hope is to blitz through the enemies until you defeat the overlord of this world and break the time-loop!

Starfleet Pilot is an arcade rougelite sci-fi shooter. Throughout the journey you discover enemies, places, weapons and upgrades which gives you experience and means to finally defeat the world’s overlord.

Note: this came is under development, but you can enjoy it now. Let me know what do you think!


Gobigobi planet is now it is a deserted place, full of deep abyss, and narrow canyons. In the past, there were colonies of humanoid civilization, which you can see by their remnant stations. This civilization was wiped out, by the AI uprising, and this is what you need to right now. Automated robots, drones, and tanks prevail in the wastelands.


While traveling through the planet you can save your progress in checkpoints, where you can also buy temporary ship upgrades. These upgrades reset when you die, as the time-space manifold loops on itself.

The only fixed point in this puzzle is you. Experience you gain is permanent, and can be used to learn perks and skills that you keep until the end of the game.


The game is best played with gyroscope, but we also support on-screen joystick.


We are constantly improving the game, but since this is only a hobby project, progress can go slow sometimes.

This is what we have planned (roughly in chronological order):

🔹permanent experience system
🔹much more content in Gobigobi planet
🔹secret places to discover
🔹3 (or 4) more weapons
🔹3x more upgrades
🔹5 more regular enemies + one boss
🔹2 more planets (maybe after 1.0 release)


Dawid Fatyga - Design, graphics, programming
Mateusz Janik - Music, sound
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 26
  • New upgrade: Compressor Bypass, making blaster doing rapid fire.
    - Improving upgrade drop rates and costs.
    - Updating camera shake and movement sensitivity.
    - Improving weapon balance.
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