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Voyage 3: Outlaw

About Voyage 3: Outlaw
Dont be serious now - in this Voyage part you will not need it!
Take part in the tournament, "Voyage" on Russian roads.
More than 10 opponents, police and special forces will resist you!
Arrange a real global destruction on the roads!

As always in the voyage car simulation at a high level:
- Realistic and accurate physics capabilities of each car.
- More than 10 cars that must be won in battle.
- Quality look of the interior and exterior, mirrors, lamps, lighting equipment, etc.
- Locations based on known real life locations.
+Small surprises and fun special effects.

Technical information:
The game is not downloaded from the Market, what to do?
Go to the application settings, and delete the Google Play settings. Try to download game again.Try to go to the game through a search on Google Play. Sometimes it helps.
Why game require play so many permits
Lock the device to protect data from cheating. According to another of your data will not be used and not stored anywhere.
Textures looks blurry
By default, the game runs at minimum settings. Look following paragraph.
The game slows down
Quality settings can be changed in the options. You can also include a mirror, music, smoke from the wheels, etc.
If you turn on/off improved graphics, you need to restart game.

- It is possible to repair the engine, box, wheels and suspension.
- Bleed each machine is available in the garage. She picks up a star vehicle.
- To get the opponent car in you garage, you have to smash his car.
- Split the car broke his opponent can be the engine or box.
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.07
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1. Download & Install AppKiwi
2. Download Voyage 3: Outlaw APK
3. Launch from APK Library