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Voyage 2: Russian Roads

About Voyage 2: Russian Roads
System Requirements:
RAM: >=2 Gb mb
Display: min size 800x480.
Travel the roads of Russia.
Who will reach from Murmansk to Lake Baikal?
- The game is completely free, without built-in purchases.
- 9 popular russian cars + 1 secret german car.
- Hometown and signs based on real routes: M18 Karelia, M5 "Ural" M51 "Baikal". Some historical memorials.
- Now the russian traffic with surprises of russian reality.
- Realistic physics and the exact characteristics of all cars (including graphics and torque ratios).
- Now there is tuning in the game! Go to the garages on the way to set tuning parts. All specifications are based on the reality.
- Dynamic time, clouds, day and night, partly different weather.
- You can turn on headlights, realistic car backlighting .
- 8 large levels.
Compared with the first part of the traffic now is smarter and many bugs fixed.
Recent Updates - Version 2.12
  • Global update: improved roads and sky quality, added 6 cars, plants, another menu and advanced control settings and more.
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