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Era of Glory

About Era of Glory
Era of Glory, a brand new 4x mobile strategy game, is available now!
Inspired by monumental historical events such as the Enlightenment in the 18th centry, and global warfare in the 20th century.
Stricken by chaos and wars, we are forced to leave our home must overcome tremendous hardships to settle in a new land.
But this new land is also a hostile one
The empire needs you, and this new era needs you.
A clash between civilizations is imminent. Will you choose peace or war?
Players from around the world await. The people of your empire await!
Join us, Governor!


Unique Civilizations
✨America, Germany, the Ottoman Empire, Japan, Russia, or Britain. Choose one of six unique civilizations and build your city into a prosperous empire!
✨You are not alone in this new land. Meet aspiring players from around the world. Who will emerge as the mightiest?

Legendary Heroes
✨Meet great historical figures like Napoleon, Queen Victoria, Abraham Lincoln, and many more.
✨Different heroes have different specialties such as resource collection, unit production, economic development, or unique combat abilities. Make good use of your heroes to develop your empire!

Build Infrastructure, Gain Resources
✨Build trains, boats, and warships to secure safe passage to different places and capture as many resources and territories as you can.
✨Travel on train and loot resources. This is a world without mercy. Submit to your lord and hand over your resources!

Epic Battles
✨Air Services from America, Red Coats from Britain, Death Head Hussars from Germany, Bushi Warriors from Japan... Lead your Unique Units to destroy your enemies!
✨Good strategies win wars. Test your skills as a commander!

Build your Empire
✨To survive in this chaotic world, your city needs to prosper first. You may position every city building exactly how you want. A different city layout can sigificantly affect its development.
✨From steel to gun powder, from mounts to engines, technology advances as national rivalries escalate. And you, Governor, shall lead us on the path to glory!

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Recent Updates - Version VARY
  • NEW:
    1. Added Hot Air Balloon auto-exploration feature.
    2. Added first-time defeat reward to each level of Conquerors.

    1. Hall of Fame Recruitment page UI adjusted.
    2. Visual effects when receiving attack or aid adjusted.
    3. Monument quests and prompts adjusted.
    4. Fixed a number of known issues including those caused the Alliance Chat disappeared and lag on Alliance Research page.
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