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Scalak : Relaxing Puzzle Game

About Scalak : Relaxing Puzzle Game
"🧘 If you are looking for meditation games to relax and want to chill with an antistress and relaxing minimalist game, Scalak is the right choice for you! We are offering you the best logic puzzle that you played in a long time, where you are matching smart shapes for adults. Just chill and fill up the figures - Fit them all!

Scalak contains 90 levels and is packed with the ever-evolving game flow that will let you feel quite good about yourself. Relax, calm and have fun - Get yourself in zen mode!

How to play this logic puzzle shape game
✔️ Match smart shapes.
✔️ Find patterns.
✔️ Use spatial awareness.
✔️ A bit of rotation and logical thinking.

Challenge your logic skills with the best antistress relaxing puzzle game - Start matching smart shape puzzles!

Main features of Scalak calming meditation game:
⭐ Shapes For Adults - Your goal is to match smart shapes into given objects. Fit them all to move to the next level!
Spatial Awareness Skills - To match all pieces into one, you will have to show your spatial awareness skills.
Soothing Sounds - Enjoy the soothing sounds while playing this minimalist meditation game. It will create a zen ambient for you to
Brain Challenge - 90 levels of shape puzzles that will make you chill and have a brain challenge at the same time! Finish each level to unlock the next more challenging level. You can always go back to the levels that you already completed.
Antistress Relaxation Game - The logic puzzle game with zero stress! It allows you to calm your mind and enjoy the soothing sounds which will create a zen ambient for you. No timer, no stress!
Time Killing - Playing this shape puzzle will get you engaged with the process of problem solving and you will enjoy clearing your mind while achieving the zen state. Beat the boredom and restlessness!

Get involved in an unforgettable immersive experience that will make you feel better! The best antistress relaxing game for time killing and calming your mind.

➡️➡️➡️ Download Scalak minimalist meditation game and start matching smart puzzle shapes for adults - Fit them all! Chill out with this relaxing puzzle game and enjoy in the problem solving and soothing sounds. Get relaxed and calmed!"
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.091
  • Stability fixes
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