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Hifi-Apps Speaker Setup 2

About Hifi-Apps Speaker Setup 2
Hifi-Apps help you to fully exploit the potential of your sound system. Enjoy a whole new listening experience. You don't need any prior knowledge: Hifi-Apps use established measurement methods, but generate easily understandable suggestions for improvement from the results, which are clarified by listening tests. Even the built-in microphone of your Android device provides many important insights. The next step is to work with a measurement microphone.
This app helps to set up the loudspeakers. Connect your Android device to your sound system and start the measurement. Go to your designated listening places according to the instructions and play one test signals. In addition to technical data, the app also provides automatic interpretation of the results with suggestions for improvement. Various speaker, listening position and damping material configurations can be directly compared.


- Simultaneous measurement of two channels, e.g. right/left in stereo.
- Automatic interpretation: The results are readable without prior knowledge.
- Display of the raw data for the frequency response in different smoothing levels on request
- Display of raw data for impulse response (linear, logarithmic) on request
- Difference measurements: By comparing different measurements, even an uncalibrated built-in microphone provides meaningful results.
- Calibration of the built-in microphone by comparison measurements, if a measurement microphone is available.
- Use of measuring microphones (import of calibration curve)
- Assessment of bass quality based on found room modes and reflections
- Suggestions for improving the bass range (positioning of speakers and listening positions, absorbers)
- Replay precision evaluation based on impulse response and frequency response
- Geometrical calculation of floor reflections and comparison with measured values
- Evaluation of early reflections based on uniformity impulse response
- Rating Channel Equality
- References to the listener enviroment using the reverberation time
- Recommendations for absorbers
- Suggestion for setting an equalizer
- Discussion about when the use of an equalizer is useful
- Thresholds and parameters for assessments and suggestions for improvement can be changed
- Export the results to HTML format
- measured values accessible in CSV format, if an external memory (e.g. SD card) is used
Video/Gameplay Trailer
Recent Updates - Version 1.69
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