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Audio Earbud Test & Equalizer

About Audio Earbud Test & Equalizer
Test your earbuds or headphone sound quality and it's working condition.

* Audio Earbud Test:
- Sound test for earbuds and headphones.
- Different set of tests available to check your earbuds and headphones working properly or not.
- Check the quality of earbuds and headphones while listening to different frequency sounds and check if it is working properly.
- Various Different Frequency tests:
- High-Frequency Test
- Low-Frequency Test
- Stereo Frequency Test
- Golden Frequency Test
- Binaural Frequency Test

* Left/Right Earbuds Test:
- Left/Right speaker test you can test whether both earbuds working individually.
- Check if wired headphones are connected or not, this can check the headphone jack quality and you can know if the headphone jack is properly working.
- Detect the microphone of the headphone is properly working or not.
- Also check whether the volume buttons and call pick-up buttons are working or not.

* Audio Equalizer:
- Five bands Equalizer or Virtualize
- Bass Boost effect
- Volume Boost effect
- 3D sound effect

- Use this equalizer to improve the sound quality.
- Control the Equalizer, Bass Booster, Sound Booster and Virtualizer of music.
- Adjust sound effect levels to listen to sound in its best quality.

How to use the Equalizer feature:
- Turn on any music on your phone.
- Open this app's equalizer.
- Change the setting according to your preferences
- Listen to the changed effects of your music.
Recent Updates - Version 1.2
  • - Solved errors and bugs.
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How To Download & Play:
1. Download & Install AppKiwi
2. Download Audio Earbud Test & Equalizer APK
3. Launch from APK Library